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Who lives in the country of one of Goering`s deputies today?

the Stalin intelligence agent Ivan Savelyevich Kobylinsky`s

, the old man low, but strong still with an invariable stick knows all resort Svetlogorsk that is in the Kaliningrad region. The senior generation of citizens still remembers how in stay by the chairman of the board of veterans and the vice-chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies, Kobylinsky helped to resolve a housing issue to veterans. The younger generation with interest considers awards on a breast at the veteran. And always asks: And that it at you for Stalin medal? .

On what Kobylinsky with pride reports: This Medal to 120 - to the anniversary since the birth of Iosif Vissarionovich, was also handed to those who worked with it. Such awards in the Kaliningrad region only two .

But very few people know, at least, two things. In - the first, Ivan Savelyevich in the years of war was the chief of office of the secret-service investigation working in the back for fascists. And, in - the second, today he lives in the cellar of the giving till April, 1945 belonging to one of Hermann Goering`s deputies.


Ivan Savelyevich`s Father in the native village of Vygov that on Zhytomyrshchyna, had a reputation for the notable musician. From a clarinet blew such rollicking melodies that was a welcome guest at weddings in any village. It is impossible to tell that swear at it it was pleasant. When Ivan was 10 years old, it, having cried in a pillow a couple of hours, caught in the yard of two chickens and put to the son. Vanka, sell hens and buy a balalaika . I want to play a clarinet too as the father - Ivan peeped. The Clarinet is - began mother and added a juicy unprintable mot: Bl in .

Hens Ivan sold to one Jew from Zhmerinka, and bought a balalaika. He did not leave it even at the front. And to chastushkas including abusive, the father taught him wholly, he could sing them for hours.

To Bat, you do not offend the mother - Ivan when became more senior spoke in a bass. Eh, the sonny, you see what it, zhiznya - the father sighed. - Six you was, and after a golodukha at the beginning of 30 - x only two and escaped. Walk, young " so far;

The front

Ivan got To troops of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs in October, 1939. Began to study radio business, the benefit the hearing was excellent. From the beginning of war it was defined in group of secret-service investigation and thrown in the back to fascists. Transferred very valuable data on movement of troops, an arrangement of staffs of Hitlerites. And here it was ordered to them not to engage very strictly not to reveal itself. Ten - another an overall picture will not change the killed friyets, and their work saved not one hundred our Red Army lives.

- I am sorry about one, - the veteran is distressed, - that not my group managed to captivate Paulyus in Stalingrad. It was taken by neighbors. And at once on the head pulled a shirt that our soldiers did not break off the field marshal.

In July, 1944 Kobylinsky was seriously injured. On it for it war ended.

A family

Ivan got acquainted With Siberian Ania in the Belarusian Lida where he lived after war. She came to see the brother who served in one of parts of local garrison. Arrived for a week, but after acquaintance to Vanya decided to remain. At first they gave birth to the daughter, and several years later twins: boy and girl.

Kobylinsky already buried the wife. Children come on a visit and that infrequently. And to him big apartments to anything. Here also allocated it the dry cellar of one of cases of military sanatorium where it worked before retirement.

- There was a giving one of Goering`s deputies. About it I was reported by the German who came to Svetlogorsk at the end of 70 - x. She here together with the father and mother lived

In August, 2007 Ivan Savelyevich noted the 87 - y birthday.

- I Live - I do not grieve, - Kobylinsky is invigorated. - Chilly at me in the cellar, warmly. And to eat I go to " cafe; Breeze that on descent to the beach. Thank God, feed free of charge, thanks to the owner of cafe ]