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Barcelona - than it is good?

Barcelona - the city and the port on North - the East of Spain, on the bank of the Mediterranean Sea. It is the known city to which a great number of the most various people presented the love and part of the life forever to bring it in history of Spain.

And how you think, Barcelona love and glory is worthy whether it is worthy to be called the capital of the autonomous Region of Catalonia? I consider that this city is worthy bigger...

Each corner of our Earth, each country and each city are in own way fine and ready to present to us unforgettable minutes and impressions. Barcelona is allocated with special unique charm, the unique beauty. Many people among whom - Antoni Gaudi, Pablo Picasso, Juan Miro, Christopher Columbus enclosed a part of the soul in this remarkable city. Barcelona - this that city which will give pleasure to each person in its architecture various styles and eras mixed up.

What there are here corners what sights meet? The entrance to Barcelona from the sea opens a monument to Christopher Columbus, one of the most great researchers. The monument is built from white marble and gold. This monument is a reciprocal gift to Columbus who loved Spain and devoted it all the opening.

Crossing the Old city, the well-known La Rambla Boulevard extends. It bears in itself(himself) charm and beauty, a charm and greatness. La Rambla Boulevard represents force of Barcelona and its immortality, attracting with that people of different age and professions. Here it is possible to meet people with various hobbies and the principles. In La Rambl Boulevard there are galleries and mobile theaters, it is possible to sit in cafeteria and to listen to game of musicians.

In Barrio Gotic - Gothic quarter different eras mixed up too: there are both medieval buildings, and modern - cafe, bars. In Barcelona more than 40 museums. The city will present indelible impressions to fans of fishes, the Barcelonian Aquarium, the biggest oceanarium in Europe numbering more than 3000 types of sea fauna is placed here. And in Barcelona there is the most known creation of Antoni Gaudi - the cathedral Sagrada Familia...

Each district of Barcelona is unique, has the unique power. Each small street is charming in own way... The internal device of the city is remarkable the simplicity. Small streets by the sea - a historical kernel, the Old city (Ciutat Vella). According to ring prospectuses - rands you can track outlines of the wall surrounding the fullest Gothic ensemble in the world. There are their names: Ronda de Sant Pau, Ronda de Sant Antoni, Ronda Universitat, Ronda de Sant Pere.

The old city comprises two approximately equal parallel streets - Rambla (Rambla) and Via Layetana (Via Laitana). Rambla - the brisk place in Barcelona, and Via - Layetana - the business town. What the general between these two streets? Both of them go down to the sea and are divided Gothic quarter (Barri Gotic). For Via - Layetana begins ancient quarter of seamen of Riber (La Ribera), and for Rambl - the started Barrio - Chino (Barrio Chino). There was one more wall earlier, it fenced off the Old city. But times passed, it does not exist any more. In present time on its place the park (Parc de la Ciutadella) is located.

Around Eshample (Eixample) it is possible to meet many works of Gaudi, it is a lot of buildings in modernist style because the period of building of Eshample coincided with blossoming of a modernist style. Eshample is a part of Barcelona where there are a lot of beautiful buildings, the real architectural reserve.

It is possible to tell about this city still very long, but, unfortunately, it is necessary to finish our excursion. What finally can be told? It is the most trade and industrial city of Spain, it is the Mediterranean city, many people enclosed in it the love that gave rich culture, numerous traditions, the greatest history and popularity.

And best of all not only to read excursion across Barcelona, and to go to this city of Spain, to see own eyes and to understand that you want to return there and to present a part of own soul to Barcelona! I already presented it the love, respect and thought: Barcelona - the best city which collected in itself(himself) all eras! All the best that was in the world throughout its existence! ]