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What was kept from war by Nikolay Kozin?

We continue the cycle of stories about unknown war heroes and the back begun by Olga Kocheva. It is necessary to write about these people, it is necessary to know about them that horrors of war did not repeat. From this day every Tuesday you can find on the " pages; Schools of life story about heroes. Write, for certain at each of you is about whom to tell. And today we will get acquainted with Nikolay Kozin.


War was included into life of a close-knit family Kozinykh already on June 24. The head of the family is the joiner Grigory Kozin carefully, on - country, the carryall packed, it was convinced that it at its potryakhivaniye is not distributed a sound, hastily embraced the wife and, looking away become suddenly damp, it is slightly heard said:

- Do not grieve, mother! Let`s banish the fascist, and will not pass three weeks. Protect Kolka! I specially learned, it on the front will not be taken, they have in pedagogical technical school a reservation

18 - summer Nikolay believed too that long will not stand on ceremony with Hitlerites. But there passed month, one and a half. The Soviet troops bent, receded under the pressure of overseas hordes, reserving the cities and villages. And then all 19 guys from their group wrote applications in a military registration and enlistment office: we want to hammer the enemy! Voluntarily.

was lucky Nikolay. His intimate friend and the schoolmate Volodya Kozlowski with whom they in one group studied were sent to study as operators together with it. To Kharkiv. And three months when they took examinations in educational division, later friends decided not to divide, and sent to a signal battalion under Stalingrad


the First pleasure of the soldier in the war - the letter from the house. And especially, if envelopes bear in themselves a joyful message. One such was received by Kozin from mother. She reported that the father sent a triangle, reports that became the officer, is at war in infantry. And reported number of field mail.

was Looked by Nikolay on figures, and was nearly struck. The first three figures - identical. So, the father somewhere nearby, maybe, in one division.

Came running to company. That sent it to field mail, to ask. Pochtari did not begin to be hidden and, this part stands nearby, all some 25 kilometers from them. It was lucky you, the guy the Commander of a company moved towards

, wrote out holiday for two days. Moreover and signal gave. Jumped on horses in the morning - operators had no other transport - and rushed off at full speed under Kalinkovichi where the infantry settled down.

By a lunch were already on the place. Came to an arrangement of the third battalion in which the father is registered. Came into a blindage. It was presented to some grown thin captain, according to Hoyle. That at first smiled, but right there extinguished a smile, and shouted loudly:

- Stepanenko! Here the son arrived to Kozin! See off the Freckled tell-tale led

it for some reason for a battalion arrangement, to a wood edge. And on the road told that yesterday in the morning there was a terrible fight, Germans tried to beat off the village. Threw large forces. Hardly - hardly they were constrained, not allowed the enemy to pass.

- There now and everything, - stopped before the edge the tell-tale.

- That all? - Kozin did not understand, examining long, meters three hundred the trench hastily powdered with the fresh earth.

- All. Here also all lie our 240 of heroically died fellow soldier. Buried an hour ago, meeting was. And your father - the real hero. When automatic turn cut off the machine gunner, Kozin for maxims laid down. Fascists put - I will appease! It is a pity, some Fritz his grenade got

Eh, to you would like to arrive

" an hour ago; Was at the father! - Nikolay wrote in the same evening of mother, - met, talked. Huge said hello to you. Here we will banish fascist reptiles, and we will return

The Sonny, - he in the response letter of month read two later, - it is bad to deceive mummy. Your letter came a week later after the death notification. Our Grisha is not with us any more. Revenge these geeks for a kindred blood


- Swine, killed a cable again, - the commander of a signal battalion tastefully sent invisible fascists on the mother and attentively looked at the subordinate - the sergeant Nikolay Kozin.

- Lack of communication in approach is almost tribunal! The commander of a regiment to me already visited such, not to transfer. Take Kozlowski and forward, to the line. If you, twice soldier`s hero, do not cope, then to send there is nobody more. Only as I ask the son, do not ask for trouble, suddenly they near break also wait for you the officer did not bend

About twice soldier`s hero, by then Kozin was awarded by two medals For courage . And as for care, could not warn at all - all in a battalion knew - Nikolay on - plastoon crept as and the look had sharp - far off distinguished friyets.

was Maleficiated by the captain! It was not necessary to speak to it about anything under a hand.

They, eventually, found this gap. Kozlowski sat down on hunkers, connecting wires. And Kozin stood to the utmost and hurried:

- Vovka! Rather! You see, frame over us hanged. Eh, to hit it something and it is better not to open fire, Hitlerites somewhere nearby

From the plane the tiny point separated.

- Lay down, a bomb! - Kozin managed to shout.

How many times so happened: whistles, the bomb whistles, and you suddenly understand, not yours is death, will not even touch with splinters. And here, as ill-luck would have it, exactly between them laid down. Nikolay managed to dive into the next funnel which remained from former bombardments. And mad eyes unnaturally long as if in slow-motion shot, looked at how splinters cut the brother Volodya who became more natively in half. And further the blast wave rolled


on August 17, 1944 the Soviet troops came to border of East Prussia. And fall of part 5 - y the army in which the staff sergeant Kozin served was suited to the district of the German city of Shtallupenen (nowadays Mr. Nesterov). Warring parties were divided by the small rivulet. To define a location of Hitlerite parts, it was urgently necessary " language;.

gave to Reconnaissance group of the captain Naumov in the help of the staff sergeant Kozin. In the dead of night the four of brave plunged into the boat and almost silently moored to others coast.

Meters in three hundred the fascist blindage was. Fortunately, in it there were only two Hitlerites who were deafened at first, and then dragged out on fresh air. One of them was the huge man of years of forty five. It hardly - was hardly twisted. The second - the scared boy of years of sixteen. It shrank as a young daw, and on his hollow cheeks large tears flew.

Naumov stretched to Kozin a knife.

- the Sergeant, we can only take with ourselves one, the boat will not sustain. We take the bull, and you this lad Liquidate It is impossible to shoot, we will alarm friyets, act with a knife. And we went. You will catch up

Nikolay looked at the prisoner. Absolutely boy. Almost like it in far the forty first. It, for certain, has mother. What here a knife

Meanwhile the boy kneeled and beggarly raised hands to the sky. Kozin slightly pushed him supposedly run. The guy at first did not understand, and then the sergeant showed gesture - run. In couple of seconds the fellow was dissolved in the dark by

- Well how? - strictly Naumov asked.

- your task is performed!

the Captain attentively examined Kozin from legs to the head.

- And that if I give you for tribunal? In - the first, the German released, in - the second, to the officer you lie to

- Yes I I am it Togo

- Togo, - was imitated by Naumov, - yes you have blood neither on boots at all, nor on a soldier`s blouse is not present. The old intelligence agent KALININGRAD wanted to carry out

. JUNE, 1948.

Nikolay met the captain Naumov in post-war Kaliningrad. That also did not recognize him. But Kozin remembered this officer, kept to him an unsoiled name for the rest of life.

Naumov was appointed by the party organizer in one of collective farms of the Neman area and invited with itself Kozin. That agreed. And soon headed office of collective farm Neman in the settlement of Vetrovo.

At the beginning it was necessary hardly. All three foremen were drunkards, and Nikolay Grigoryevich, having looked narrowly at them, quickly transferred them from senior positions. The cattleman appointed someone, someone the simple tractor operator. And three women - milkmaids became foremen. Such castling helped

, in - the first, to show to peasants that the new managing director does not intend to be reconciled neither with alcoholism, nor with disorder, nor with absence of discipline. And though put the clamps rigidly, collective farmers respected the strong-willed veteran, began to work for conscience. And as result - nearly an every year vetrovets together with Kozin participated in all-Union ENEA in Moscow from where they brought medals of all advantages.

is that over time the economy became the millionaire - a considerable merit of Kozin, his office always was the best, on it others equaled. And on a ceremonial single-breasted coat of Nikolay Grigoryevich appeared except front awards - the Red Star and Patriotic war The I degrees two more awards - for work: October revolution and Honor Sign .

The award of October revolution was especially expensive to the veteran, under the statute it went right after the Order of Lenin

By the way, and the eldest son of Nikolay Grigoryevich - Alexander - fatherly honor did not drop. During performance of an international debt in Afghanistan it was awarded at first by the medal For courage and then and award of the Red star.

Nikolay Grigoryevich died three years ago, on 82 - m to year of life ]