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Roger Federer is the man with a gold racket?

And also with a heart of gold and a monogram on sneakers. 185 centimeters of height, 80 kilograms of width, crowds of admirers (it is only registered on the official site of 150960 people!) and talent tons.

In 2008 decade of his professional career from which he spent 4 years at top of a rating of tennis players of ATP approaches. The national love came to it much earlier and continues to arrive. What helps it to remain at the tremendous level so long?

I am almost sure that it is his brown eyes, a snow-white kind smile and congenital elegance. Life at the first racket hard and intense: continuous secular actions, shootings in advertizing, distribution of interview and, at last, work for charity. The last is especially indicative in respect of a heart of gold - Roger works as the ambassador of UNICEF, is a founder of Roger Federer Foundation, meets the children needing the help participates in benefit matches and receives well-deserved rewards. There is a reasonable question: and when Roger plays on tournaments, trains and supports the status of the first racket of the world by svezhezavoyevanny points?

You should not think that victories just fall down the head to extremely successful Swiss. Style of its game is near absolute also inevitably victorious as a penalty heavenly. Thanks to the excellent speed, endurance and coordination and consequently, and to ability to strike blows from uncomfortable positions, Roger is the beautiful defender and in defense feels very harmoniously. And its attack - in principle, one of the best in modern man`s tennis - consists of fine giving with a speed which is reading off scale for 200 km/h, almost faultless blows from a forkhend and a bekhend, and also combinational abilities to which any chess player will envy. (Roger, do not go to chess!)

What from this follows? 2007: 68 won matches, 8 tournaments, from them 3 - the Grand Slam, and also 9 created sensations. That is 9 lost matches, each of which remain in our memory or as awful accident or unclear absurd .

From this composed we also receive a legend, Roger Veliky, Roger Neveroyatny whose name became a word " synonym; success . Actually, Roger in the facts and figures reminds the car on production of victories with the minimum percent of marriage, reliable as the Kalashnikov, true as the Mohammedan beauty, and favorable as petrobusiness. Certainly, the car in a suit.

It, in my opinion, - the most sad of what can be thought up about Federer. Twenty six years ago in Basel the most ordinary gifted boy Roger, but not federeroavtomat, collected by the Lefthander - the handyman was born. That boy and now can be recognized in our champion. This strawberry ice cream and chocolate, PlayStation, the most part of time I am absolutely happy and I would like to play the guitar as Jimmy Hendrix . Roger loves the speed and cars, plays a piano and throws balls in a locker room.

I believe, it is enough to tell: Roger is the person! I opened this person for myself on Roland Garros having just stuck into it with the index of a mouse in poll Who will win? also fell in love after the lost final. For what?

For the fact that it is a brunette with brown eyes.

For kindness and openness.

For the fact that I love strawberry ice cream too.

Eventually, for a phenomenal gold racket.

Federer can love or be not to loved, but with the fact that he got this racket on justice, in my opinion, you will not argue.]