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Who such degrees ? - Watch

, you take off a mitten and suyosh a hand in a sleeve to other hand, aha, here so - now you will warm. Everything you should be learned!.

- You did not lose egg?

- Yes here it, went

Creaking whisper gnomes draw attention - I come to a landing, and they at this moment sniff also in the apartment. They have a mission - at night secretly on a wall in a hall to put chocolate egg in a sock. As usual, we pretend that we do not notice each other - we from the different worlds, it is not necessary to us.

On a staircase it is very cold. In a window steam escaping notes of residents from the hatch on asphalt is visible. Today minus thirty five, in northern districts of the area to minus of fifty seven. The Ministry of Emergency Situations asked to tell that physiological and psychological problems are possible. You will not argue

U me the problem is. I cannot compare reality behind two glasses of a window with that that here, on this side. How it can be what in my house is sung by birds and, smiling, cats, balls on legs sleep? And why I in a thin jacket, when from my right shoulder exactly two meters to minus of thirty five? I do not understand Me show to

a miracle again. And it is even somehow awkward that to me here it is so cozy, and there, two meters from a shoulder and in the north of the area

However, this afternoon I froze. And then I got into a hot bathtub with foam. There was many foam, very much, that I began to shout loudly: Ice cream, we sell ice cream! Borodino and the Gourmand - only at us at the ridiculous frozen prices! . The daughter with a bucket came and asked frozen

- Mothers, buy Borodino!

Business was in Moscow where we often were in the winter. I very much did not love Moscow, it seemed to me the shameless market with huge streets. But in Moscow there were three things which were absent at home, in Latvia at all: frosts, Gourmand and Borodino. We had no such ice cream - that a tubule under a brilliant foil, and there - solid such glaze which you will press a spoon, and it tasty and softly cracks. mother bought by

I to me ice cream on a frost - the most tasty ice cream of my childhood.

It is absent any more. Probably, because my childhood is absent. But there was a frost very similar to that, Moscow

- Mothers, buy me the real ice cream?

- It is necessary to go on the street, and there it is cold to

- Well and that, here watch, gnomes of egg carry, and they small, and nothing - did not freeze!

- There thirty degrees

- And who such degrees ?.

It is valid. Who are they such? Perhaps, so: there thirty gnomes, thirty portions of ice cream, there pieces thirty memories about Borodino and the Gourmand, and of course, exactly thirty steps from one frosty childhood to another

Well that. We went for ice cream!]