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What we know about the founder of the " company; Dolby digital ?

Today, on January 18, 2008, the billionaire Ray Dolby, his spouse Dagmar and both sons with daughters-in-law and grandsons will gather to note 75 - summer anniversary of Ray, the simple American engineer for whom has the luck to open system of suppression of noise in a tape recording. How long it was?

Ray was born on January 18, 1933 in the American Portland (State of Oregon), and to he, by and large, was lucky in two moments. In - the first, it not grew before conscription during World War II, and in - the second, right after it the USA sought to become absolute leaders in everything including developments of new systems in the industry a body - and broadcastings. At the age of incomplete 17 years, in 1949, it came to the known American organization - Ampex Corporation where got to work on various audio - projects.

Why empire of a sound? The matter is that from the early childhood Ray adored music: in the beginning he learned to play a piano, a bit later he gave respect to a clarinet, and that the guy tormented a guitar, it was possible and not to mention. Parents, people not the poor, solved to interrupt and it they managed hobby of the son. Razluchnitsey with a guitar there was an ordinary movie camera which Ray practically did not leave. And to learn to remove professionally, young Dalby got a job the mechanic in city movie theater. And from there its way also proceeded in corporation.

In those far times creation of the videorecorder was one of the most perspective directions. As we already know, on November 11, 1952 in Beverley Hills, the State of California, John Mallin and Wayne Johnson showed to the colleagues the first video player. And in 1956 Ray Dolby, Charles Ginzberg and Charles Anderson presented to public the first videorecorder. That such important component of the new videorecorder as a sound recording was charged green To Ray Dolby, there was, of course, the known risk. But it was repaid. When others were ready to drop from fatigue, the young organism of Ray demanded only couple of cups of strong coffee.

His teachers from Stanford were surprised to most of all success of Dalby. From whom - whom, and from eternal shirker they did not expect such speed. They already was absolutely charged-off from the careless student, and here, you want you do not want, and the diploma had to be written out But Stanford was not the last " academy; Ray, after a while he came to Cambridge that was not absolutely usually, boastful Americans preferred to study in the homeland talent of Dalby highly appreciated

In England very much too: he even was a consultant on to nuclear power (Ray was very many-sided person). And 30 - the anniversary the American decided to meet the in India, having settled the adviser of the UN for this country. As the person purposeful, he managed to achieve also it. Within two years Indians could observe the odd fellow who dragged for himself everywhere the huge bobinny tape recorder on which as Shurik from Caucasian captive collected folklore, songs, customs, ceremonies by

However, having returned to hotel, Ray Dolby quite often became hysterical from - for the fact that gentle sounds of musical instruments were muffled by noise of the writing-down equipment. Almost many efforts came to nothing. In India the revolutionary thought also came to the inventor to mind - to make so that noise did not hammer art. In 1965 the Dalby laboratory where Ray was accepted to the invention of the system was created by

I do not want to tire readers with technical subtleties of how there was a transformation noisy tapes in pure . As cut out high-frequency sounds and left low-frequency. As suffered over a question how to protect the invention from pirates, and did not find anything the best except how to make to forge its tape it was just economically unprofitable...

Already three years later, in 1968, on the market open bobbin tape recorders of the KHL company with the noise suppression Dolby B system - type were thrown. Quality of a sound for those times was excellent, however soon there was obvious a technical imperfection of coils on reels - the tape was often overwound, came off the coil. Hollow set the urgent task for collective: to find the way to hide a magnetic tape in the convenient case relieving the consumer of need to untangle and stack a tape hands. And it was the first step to creation of cartridges

at the beginning of 80 - x the home video, at first with began to develop violently mono - and then and with a binaural sound, in 1980 - the m appeared the laser video disk. And in 1982 Dolby presented the home decoder for a surrounding sound. At first this decoder could decode only three channels - left, central and right, and 5 years later Dolby Surround Pro Logic capable to take from a two-channel soundtrack on a videotape all four paths of a surrounding sound was presented. So the era of home theaters began

During all the time Ray took out more than 50 patents of the USA for the inventions. But I would like to tell also that, having even become the billionaire, Dalby did not lose the ability to be surprised to the fact that he surrounds it. He steadily sets before itself(himself) the purposes and tries to obtain them, even in spite of the fact that much they seem fantastic. So, for example, he could not risk himself, mastering the plane. But his faithful Dagmar in everything tries to support the husband. Not any wife will risk with the husband even to get into the car if it is his first trip driving, and here was not afraid to rise with the husband in air

Once friends asked Ray what he is afraid most of all of? He smiled: alarms in a dream! Wakes up in cold sweat from the fact that it seems to it as if the next invention will be impracticable

But, seemingly, there is yet no such fortress what would not be taken by Ray Dolby - the person - a legend ]