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What is the immortality? I Remember

how in the childhood I adored considering the turned yellow pictures in family photo albums: the father and mother in the childhood, the grandfather and the grandmother in the wedding day, a studio photo of the great-grandfather . I sometimes did not know who is who on these turned yellow pictures, and asked about it the family. But they remembered too and knew not everything and not about all participants of far family photographing. Then I collected by

these family relics, pulling out them from the dusty boxes standing on mezzanines at relatives from cases where they rolled forgotten, and even took out from the thrown-out things - some of my contemporaries not always understand the value of the family photo. One of photos was found by me under a parquet which was removed in the old apartment by the grandfather before moving to the new residence. Nobody knew what the photo as it got under a parquet is and who is represented on is mute, but the face of the beautiful girl from the 19th century bewitches me to this day.

And one more photo was found between glass of a mirror and a back wall of a pier glass which moved from the city apartment to the dacha. Probably, once the card was inserted between a mirror and the basis of a pier glass, for the lack of a frame, and then just failed between them. This family relic is especially expensive to me. On it my grandmother on mother together with the first husband.

They got married before the war, he was an officer and was missing at the very beginning of 1941. They had no children, but the grandmother continued to wait for it and after war. And my grandfather nearly forced her to marry him. Then the grandfather with the grandmother in perfect harmony lived together nearly 40 years, grew up two daughters and three grandsons. The old man endured the grandmother for 10 years and managed to nurse with the great-granddaughter. And we always considered that we are never fated to see a face of that unknown hero of Great War, memory of which the grandmother stored all the life and from which nothing remained, except her memoirs. But the peace time and a set of changes of the last decades carefully kept the pre-war pier glass which endured war and revealed to us grandmother`s secret. We found this photo when no grandmother, on the grandfather was alive any more and this tiny piece of a cardboard for long time became the hero of family conversations. Now this person it will be necessary to live in stories which I never am tired to retell to the children.

My aunt, all life lived in Moscow, stored old pictures of the family too. And its inheritance makes the most part of my collection of family photos. I signed on them names of all whom she could remember, and my father (younger of six children of my grandmother) made for me history of the family as he remembered it. The part of these records is handwritten. And leaflets with them turned yellow a little and make a whole with old family photos.

The collection was replenished with photos from family albums of the husband, and I will continue to fill up it when my children get the families.

They are always with me - these ancient family photos by some of which 100 years will be executed soon. I carefully store them in a heavy and thick photo album. And I with the same children`s curiosity watch everything at faces of the ancestors, trying to guess that they thought that they felt when the photographer pressed the button, claiming that somewhere in his device the birdie hides?

I remember that even last century treated the family photo differently, than now. The photographer was invited home or went to him to studio, then waited for result, and having received pictures, long they were examined, compared to the family pictures taken in other times. And having found similarity of the granddaughter to the great-grandfather, all family rejoiced.

Now everything changed. Phone peeps: To you came a MMS - . I read: It we with the husband and the son . On it to consider nothing, but now it is necessary to be content such family photo .

In the letter received by e-mail comes an investment (well if the anti-spam system of the computer does not send this parcel in garbage).

And it is possible to send in the letter and just the reference on some the Internet - storage where are stored in a hurry, hastily, at unsuccessful lighting, nonprofessionally made family photos . On them faces are twisted from - for incorrectly chosen lens. In a half of photos red eyes which even in the retouched look will not become live and expressive. And all this floutingly is called My family photo album .

Not only that at such forum everyone who never communicated with my family can leave the comment on any the person dear to me, without thinking of what from his unreasoned word can be painful to someone, if not now, then then when someone from those who is represented in the family photo, does not become any more. But the most awful that I will not be able to put around myself grandsons together to look at family photos. They, of course, can be printed, you will tell. But not therefore whether they are posted On the Internet what nobody wants to print them?

Someone will tell that I am old-fashioned? Let! I am ready to be old-fashioned, but I want to sit down together with children and grandsons at a big table, to take from the shelf a thick album with family photos, to wipe from it dust and to consider together with them faces of those who are called the capacious and beautiful word: ancestors.

I cannot imagine that we do it sitting in front of the computer screen. Also because it is impossible to stick into the liquid crystal monitor with a small finger, and in the photo it is possible! And still photos can be spread out on a table and to compare them among themselves indefinitely.

- Grandmother! And who it?

is? This is my grandfather. When it was small.

- And you had a grandfather? And my grandfather was small too? How I? And my grandfather is not similar to yours!

- But you are similar to it. Watch - here your photo, and here - it.

- Honestly, mother. As it is similar to the great-grandfather! And the great-grandfather saw me? there is no

-. He died in the war when even I was not.

- the Grandmother, and tell how he went on reconnaissance

the Family photo is an indissoluble communication between the past and future. This communication can be made notable if family photos are stored in an album near other family relics - old letters, notes, documents or with the dried flower, dropped out of a grandmother`s casket (why it stored it so much as long as I could remember and from whom it, I any more never learn, but I store it too).

Therefore once a year I collect the family. Also I ask that they were photographed by the professional. Perhaps, it even manually will print and zatonirut this photo in sepia. And this family photo will take the place in a thick and heavy photo album at which I with pleasure will look in the evening after work instead of the next series.

So I see how my family grows.

So I can meet at any time those who are not present any more nearby and to acquaint with them new family members.

And so I understand that such immortality.]