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You look for meaning of life? Means, something in it not so!

the Famous science fiction writer R. Heinlein absolutely fairly noticed that ... It is harmful to nervous cages to linger on the boundless questions . However reflections about meaning of life possess very harmful property: it is quite heavy to eradicate them, the reason all the time comes back to this unsoluble problem. Thoughts go around, all the time coming back to this question, and gradually on the person the feeling of senselessness of the events leans.

In conversations with different people I found many confirmations that such thoughts - a consequence of the fact that the way on which you go ceased to be pleasant to you. You feel that your life flows absolutely not there, and subconsciousness begins to give displeasure. There is a descending spiral: the more you think of meaning of life, the less forces at you remain on that to change it. It can lead to a heavy depression or even emergence of suicide intentions.

In this article I tried to systematize experiment on the matter in the form of several simple recommendations as it is possible to cope with such situation quickly.

At first there is a little theory. In mathematical logic there are two theorems of Gedel of incompleteness. One of consequences of these theorems is that any system (including the person!) does not may contain demonstrable statements about sense of own existence.

But reason operates only with demonstrable things, and it generates vicious circle reflections. The person spends a huge number of mental and mental energy for these searches while the correct decision within reason does not exist.

For this reason such person needs to take urgent measures. What needs to be made?

the General algorithm looks simple: establish who you are; define the direction whom you want to be; begin the movement on this direction. If the result does not satisfy you, and the question of meaning of life still comes back to you, repeat at first. As it is carried out by

in the form of concrete exercises?

Three simple steps Establish


who you are

for this purpose can use any available technique of self-determination. Personally I and my many acquaintances used the method described by G. Erdmanom:

1. Break the period lived by you into three approximately equal parts, for example, for the person at the age of 31 years it will be age from 0 to 10, from 11 to 20 and from 20 to 31.

2. Describe in every period three situations when you felt elation, pleasure, pride from what you do.

3. For each of three periods bring common denominator - what you did while felt elation and other light emotions, surely write down the found community.

4. Present that you can be engaged only in it, so much, how many want, and financial side does not connect you in any way. If you like what you saw before an internal look, then just begin to do it. If is not present - give yourself several days on reconsideration, and repeat points 1 - 4.

Understand whom you want to be

More precisely - the list of the purposes which achievement will lead you to feeling of happiness is necessary for you. Here it is possible to apply the exercise described by B. Tracey.

1. Get to yourself a small notebook, such that you could take it with yourself in the road or on a visit.

2. Choose from 8 to 12 main goals . It can be anything - from to rise early in the morning to to earn hundred million dollars it is important that you felt at least small thirst for achievement of this purpose. And one more moment: do not think too long over each of them: if something came to mind - write down, without arguing on as far as the purpose looks achievable or significant.

3. Every morning, including days off and holidays, write down the list of the main goals without looking on the previous pages .

Perhaps, you will find out that the list of the purposes changes eventually. It can strongly change - both on the purposes, and on their order in the list. Be quiet, and has to be. Use of this exercise quickly switches reason from fruitless searches of sense to concrete reasonings how to achieve the objectives .

Begin the movement in the chosen party

as a pleasant surprise - you already began this movement, carrying out exercise on statement of the purposes. It is necessary only to achieve gradually of speed and to note positive changes. Here planning and several rules will come to the rescue.

the Main thing governed: - this rule of Pareto: 80% of result are reached by 20% of efforts. Classical management introduces the rule, additional to it: if it is less than 100% of success - that is not success yet. And the most valuable rule formulated in Murphy`s laws: from 10 most important issues 2 it is possible to postpone, and 7 more are not worth it at all that to be engaged in them. Remembering

these rules, make the action plan for each of your purposes. Then see a plan sketch, subjecting each point to doubts by all three rules:

1) How this action will advance me to the purpose?

2), As far as such movement to adequately spent actions?

3) As it is possible to achieve the same by smaller efforts?

In several weeks look at how your life changed. The best indicator that you on a right way, there will be a total absence of reflections about meaning of life and high spirits in time when you are busy with affairs.

of Good luck!]