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And it is eaten? A sandwich on a baguette!

One of unpleasant sides of departure abroad - almost unfamiliar local cuisine. From outside all it seems such attractive, such appetizing, and you will take in a mouth: Roughly speaking - it is impossible to tell, to put it mildly - there are no words .

And even later quite long time you meet unfamiliar objects of eating. And not in expensive institutions of public catering or exotic restaurants, and in street cafes. It is a pity to try money everything, you are afraid to remain hungry, and that still something will get that will burn down all places from evening to the morning.

Of course, gradually you accustom, you begin to prefer something, something - and on spirit is not necessary. One of my acquaintances spoke: I will feel the Israeli when I begin to freeze in the summer and I will taste falafel (balls from pea puree, the fried fr) . At that time she did not freeze in the summer yet, but on a question: Galya and as falafel, you already tried! Yes! Shit!!!

About falafels I cannot agree with it, sometimes pulls it to eat. But it is very rare. And here the sandwich from a baguette is yes!

I for the time being did not imagine how it is possible to have dinner a sandwich. Also it was very surprised when local mother asked the ten-year-old son: To You fried eggs or sandwich? Business was during the lunchtime, and I thought - well it for mother, some sandwich instead of normal food (well, there, soup, the second, compote)!

And here when I got acquainted with a sandwich closer - at me with it the novel began. Not that I eat every day a sandwich, no. But sometimes - it is unconditional! Moreover if to make it of a fresh baguette! Or zhiveta (there is such grade of rolls)!

And I thought that I that who comes to Israel (not very well, on a visit or for ever) will interestingly know: as it becomes.

Sendvich (by definition) - two pieces of bread with a layer from Sendvich - food for school, works, sorties, picnics. Conveniently, nourishingly, it is possible to prepare in advance. A variety of a stuffing depends on the imagination and tastes of the one who prepares it. There are no special canons except that bread has to be from above and from below.

The invention of such sandwich is attributed to the fourth count Sendvich (England), but we already do not care before.

So, we take a roll. In our case their two grades: zhiveta and semi-baguette. A semi-baguette - a baguette half (naturally, in length), or otherwise - baguette, the French bread. Zhiveta is other than usual rolls, she almost rectangular, with a longitudinal cut in the middle. And dough a little bit another.

In order that the sandwich was pleasant to be eaten, we warm up rolls in an oven so that core well got warm, and the thin crisp was outside formed. If a baguette or a roll just from an oven - the operation stated above is simply not necessary.

For a stuffing we take cucumbers (at us today fresh, but salty quite keep within flavoring scale), fresh tomatoes, " salad; hasa tinned tuna, sausage language, cheese of type Dutch.

Under sausage we smear a basis with mayonnaise, under cheese - butter, a tuna in oil we put without namazka - there is enough own fat.

Then we put respectively sausage, cheese, a tuna. From above we close them a lettuce leaf. On this leaf - at first tomatoes, then cucumbers. Also we close. Also we put all this in a package (paper or plastic). If you buy it somewhere in buffet, then the sandwich will be packed into the thin nylon glued film.

Packing protects you from damage which is caused by the dropping-out pieces of a stuffing (tomatoes, a tuna and other), and also juice from tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Such here sandwich quite replaces a lunch. And why I only ate it entirely, it was necessary to stop on a half! But it is so tasty! Why you did it?! It is easy to guess who said this tirade!

There now, now you know what is a sandwich in Israel. And if you make it at home - you as if will visit at us on a visit!

So, a sandwich on a baguette! Bon appetit! Also be not sorry about eaten!]