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How to rescue hair?

U of each of us on the head are hair though there are also exceptions. Someone loves short hair, someone long. Hair happen light, dark, various flowers and shades. Someone likes blondes, and to someone brunettes...

Beautiful, well-groomed hair are good addition to our image. Though the magnificent head of hear is given by nature not everyone. Presently there were enough any means on care of hair. And quite perhaps to correct freaks of nature.

Hair - almost only detail of our appearance which can be changed without the assistance of the plastic surgeon. Well picked up hairstyle helps us to be more attractive and even to promote. It is unlikely someone will argue with me that men love long hair at women. But regardless of length of hair, they have to be well-groomed that there was a wish to touch them.

A straight hair draws more attention to themselves, than curling or ringlets. As a straight hair usually shines more. Well made hairstyle will increase your self-confidence. The short hairstyle will make you more free and more optimistical.

Tidy and accurate hair demonstrate that their owner is patient and quiet.

With arrival of winter hair lose part of the vital force. Hair become fragile, tips split. Hair begin to have a stress from fall of temperature, change of a way of life and food.

Hair feel discomfort from continuous stay under a cap. Also hair suffer from stuffy rooms, heaters. Dry air negatively influences a condition of hair. Normal at the person in day about 100 hair drop out. If the bigger quantity in day drops out, then it is necessary to take measures.

When you wash the head, mass head skin - it improves blood circulation and intensifies growth of hair. Try to eat more vitamins. Eat dried fruits, a citrus, a cauliflower, spinach. Drink more water and green tea. It is quite good to drink polyvitaminic preparations.

Put to bank with water near batteries and get a humidifier. Use cosmetics which suit your type of hair. Do masks for hair, but is not more often than 1 time a week.

The hair lotion strengthening the weakened hair dim returns gloss, relieves of dandruff: make strong infusion of green tea (3 - 4 spoons on a glass of water). Add on several drops of lemon juice, vitamins A and E in an oil form. Mix. Rub in head skin, wrap up the head with a towel. In an hour wash up hair. this mask will give

A sated medno - a chestnut shade to dark hair and will strengthen them: take 1 bag of henna, 1 h a spoon of ground coffee, 0,5 glasses of kefir and 1 egg yolk. Mix and cook on a water bath of 40 minutes. Apply the received mask on clean moist hair, put on kulechek or a bathing hat, wrap up the head a towel. Take a mask hour and carefully wash away hair.

Still our grandmothers washed hair with rye bread, an egg yolk instead of shampoo. It is good to rinse hair with infusions of a camomile, nettle. They strengthen and promote growth of hair.

It is possible to rub burdock oil in head skin, it also strengthens hair and promotes their growth.

Well get enough sleep, you monitor the food. Use shampoos with B5 vitamin. Do not overdry hair! Try not to use hair dryers and curling irons.

And then your hair will shine beauty and health! Good luck to you!]