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How to disaccustom the loved one to raise on you the voice?

Many, likely, came up against such situation when darling in the course of conversation with you passes to shout. Let`s understand why it occurs. Most often the main reasons is the following:

Due to this subject I want to tell you one fairy tale :

Lived the old man with the grandma - swore often and not once in the course of the day. Lived so all life, and, eventually, all this got them. Came the old man to the wise man and speaks: Help us to return the world to a family . Also explained that to what: I the grandma the word will tell, and she to me two, I to her two - she to me three, and so we swear every day .

That answers it: I here will give you magic water - as soon as you start over again swearing, you in a mouth gather it and hold until the old woman ceases to scold you. Water this magic - in a moment will cure both of you .

Came the old man home, and the grandma to him from the furnace at once: You where old gadded, again idle go... also went to chikhvostit it. The grandfather remembered magic water, drank it and in a mouth holds, looks at the grandma. The grandma swore, swore, looks - the grandfather answers nothing to her, he has water in a mouth. Bothered it to one to swear, she also became silent. Here the grandfather also spat out water. And as the grandma started over again being brought, he again water in a mouth also is silent.

So they also began to live peacefully - to live, then even water did not become necessary.

Here several the most effective and simple ways to return the world and rest to your family:

That`s all. Very much I hope that these simple receptions will help you.