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How the cold serves beauty?

We instinctively are afraid of cold, and it is correct. But not always. Sometimes the cold helps to get rid of diseases, to keep beauty and youth.

Treatment by cold is called the foreign scientific word cryotherapy . From the word krios - cold, frost, ice. And therapy - it and in Africa therapy .

Under the influence of low temperatures cellular liquid finds the correct structure and makes active useful properties. The cold well regulates outflow and inflow of blood, does not allow to develop to hypostases, narrowing vessels. Helps to reduce internal bleeding.

Blood under the influence of cold flows to a surface of skin and enriches it with oxygen. Blood drives platelets and erythrocytes on vessels of bodies.

100 years ago the German scientist Sebastian Knayp jumped to ice Danube and by that cured pneumonia. Slavs dived into an ice-hole in the winter from time immemorial. And it gave excellent health.

You should not run and dive into ice water at once. Such bathing demands special preparation. It is necessary to become tempered.

It is better to begin preparation for bathing in an ice-hole in the summer. Have a shower bath cold water. At first till some seconds, gradually leading up douche time till 5 - 10 minutes. It is necessary to have a shower bath cold water daily. If it is difficult to begin douches with cold water, try to begin with a contrast shower, gradually passing to cold water.

If you have a headache, wind the head with a wet cold towel, at the same time it is desirable to be in the warm room. In 3 - 5 minutes remove a towel from the head. Together with pain.

The person has a terrible state after sleepless night? Take several pieces of ice and massage them a face. There is enough 5 minutes of such massage. After such massage skin will better acquire nutrients from cream or a mask.

There was a new direction of medicine - cryomedicine. In it the cryogenic equipment with use of ultralow temperatures, to minus 140 degrees is applied. Began to use liquid nitrogen at which temperature is even lower.

Cosmetologists do by liquid " nitrogen; cryomassage . Such massage treat acne rash and age changes of skin.

Recently there were cryosaunas. Too very useful piece. The patient enters a cryochamber, and puts out the head in a special window. In a chamber an air environment from minus 140 degrees and is created below. Procedure of 30 seconds to 4 - x minutes lasts.

Result - favorable changes in blood and articulate liquid.

Cryotherapy is widely used by many medical experts. The ENT SPECIALIST - the doctor uses cryotherapy for treatment of tonsillitis, pharyngitises etc.; oncologists - for destruction of tumors of skin. Proctologists - for treatment gemmoroya, condylomas, polyps etc. obstetricians are gynecologists - for treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus and other various gynecologic diseases.

If you had a desire to solve the problems with appearance and health by means of cryotherapy, you should address the expert. He examines you and will appoint a course of treatment.

For those who are afraid to recover, and there is a wish to eat for the night, a special cold diet from Darya Dontsova:

Being going to eat well, put in a refrigerator deep freeze a water liter floor for 15 minutes. Water has to become covered from above by an ice crust. Then you take this water, you cast a half in a glass and you drink off. Water has to be very cold, and air indoors very warm. Now you can eat everything what is wanted but after ate, surely drink up the remained cold water.

Such weight loss is called stomach morzhevaniye .

Are treated by cold, dive into an ice-hole, and be not ill! Health all!]