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How we choose how we are chosen? On a smell... We receive

of 90% of information eyes, 8% ears and only 2% - a nose. As we distinguish one smell from another and where it occurs, scientists established only in 90 - x years of the last century.

It appears, at all not the nose and not body under the name " is engaged in information and processing of smells; olfactory bulb as at animals. And all brain.

Smells are difficult on the chemical structure. It is established that each receptor of olfactory system learns the site a smell at the molecular level also sends signals to a brain. The brain unites the accepted signals in a single whole. To one thousand neurons can participate in recognition of the one and only smell.

Old doctors could determine an illness by a smell: each illness for them had the characteristic smell. But the modern medicine does not use this method. Only tries to find out what role is played by smells in development of this or that illness.

The Australian scientists established that distortion of sense of smell can foretell schizophrenia.

Through a smell a sick animal can infect relatives.

Experiment with the irradiated rats showed that rats transmit information through a smell to the relatives sitting in the next cage.

In big crowd some people can publish fear smell emitting isovalerian acid as a part of sweat. The sensitive to these smell people who are nearby can begin to panic and feel groundless fear unconsciously. By hearsay, to find on a smell of the people who are behind a wall train members of spetsnaz from division Delta .

According to scientists, the human body itself chooses smells. Some smells stir up activity of a brain, aggravate feelings. Shops specially spray various smells - it induces buyers to buy goods.

The mankind chooses sexual partners in a smell too. The chemicals serving for signaling between individuals of one look are called pheromones. Sexual pheromones are most known.

Sexual appeal depends on a smell, but many people can not feel this smell. Nevertheless, the natural smell of a body of the person plays an important role in the choice of the partner. So we define, the person is attractive to us or not.

Heterosexual people are attracted by a smell, but the same smell can push away. It is not excluded that homosexuals and lesbians are attracted by other smells of the person, than the smells attracting heterosexualists.

By means of scanning of a brain it is established that the chemical which is contained in men`s sweat equally attracts both homosexuals, and heterosexy women.

It is interesting that began to smell, proceeding from the nursing mother and the baby, naturally strengthens sexual excitement almost at a half of women.

The gene which is responsible for perception of a smell of a human pheromone is found. The pheromone smell for one is pleasant, similar to a smell of flowers. For others it is unpleasant as a sweat smell. Someone does not feel this smell at all.

Judging by the results received by scientists, men have to refuse spirits, and women need to smell of rolls and pastries.

It became clear that women do not like a smell of cherry, men`s cologne and fried meat. And attracts a smell of cucumbers. Men, use cucumber lotion, and you will be irresistible!

At men it is simpler and simpler: except spirits they are excited by a food smell, for example, pizza excites them in 5% of cases while a smell of perfume only in 3%.

Smell, than more it is pleasant to you, but do not hammer with spirits body smells. Everything has to be natural and pleasant! Good luck to you!]