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How we buy? As we buy


In small commercial shop Lump in the sleeping house, the dormitory area

of the city of N - sk the ring the hair dryer - the shuysky shuyna made of scrap metal with

of the next garbage can was distributed.

To the entered buyer jumped up the consultant.

Consultant: - Something, to you to prompt?

Buyer: - I should buy products for the house... bey - e

K: - I can pedlozhit to your attention bread, the latest release, it by

included support of forces and health. There is a milk, in the most fancy


P: - You know, bread is necessary to me different models, black, vayt and supernut.

K: - I understand. There is a " model; Borodino to eat is simpler and cheaper Ukrainian

but I would not advise you it to take. B. whether you know more abruptly and quality is higher.

P: - Well, I will take B. still to me it is necessary vayt and supernut.

K: - Vayt also supernut at us only on one model whether everything was sorted you understand, holidays.

As about milk in the most fancy package? You know it full ulyot.

P: - Well, two more cartons of milk, and me are necessary cigarettes.

K: - About! At us in general there is a lot of cigarettes, I advise you to take these,

expensive where you would not light them, all will envy you, even non-smoking.

P: - My money not really remained much after purchase of bread and milk.

K: - In that case I advise to take these cigarillos, though are made in the Teapot,

but quite good, plus the price accepted.

P: - All right, give cigarillos, will descend especially as a box such to a bla - e - estyashchy.

K: - You have our card?

P: - No.

K: - Well, then here to you a free bag for 50 kopeks, a gift from our

Lump !

P: - Many thanks!

Ze And.

would be Quite strange if the events described above really happened

, nevertheless approximately according to such scenario there are almost

all purchases of goods more - less long demand, beginning from clothes and...

That I am right can prompt a visit of any shop: shoe, clothes,

of electronics, computer etc.

Very seldom people really think that really it is necessary to them.

For sellers and marketing specialists it just rescue until buyers

do not begin though will think a little present system of trade to live.

They thank God do not have the end,

As they say an animal runs

I directly on the hunter.

What sky blue... ]