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How to make successful online project? Part 2.

Hello. Creation of online project something reminds process of opening of a nested doll. Having solved a certain problem, you will come across new. And such mean tricks will occur in your path more than once. So before starting the embodiment of the plan, reflect - it is necessary to you?

We will assume, my words did not overpersuade you. Well, if all of you still read these lines, then - I congratulate! Ahead of you waits for long and very difficult way.

we Create everything from scratch or as it is correct to use a freebie.

Remember one simple rule: without database your website - anything. Without it on the website there will be no sections filled to the brim with all materials, screenshots, blogs of authors and editors and other necessary things. In such deplorable situation the project will be necessary to nobody, except unless you and your relatives who are familiar with the Internet couple of days and came on a homepage by mere chance. Therefore not to do without database.

So what is the database? Actually everything is simple. Each website in the Global Web settles down on the server of any company to which owners of the project pay money (about payment - lower on a current). If to be exact, then on the server the database of the website, that is everything that settles down on the website settles down: news, articles, guest book and other other. Each material has the address and serial number. And, generally that there was no confusion and full bedlam in the database, to certain materials addresses, with only different identifiers are given to identical . Let`s tell, the materials devoted to a holiday on May 9 have the same address and differ only in the only figure at the very end of the address: for example, 2 transfers you to the news in one way or another concerning the Victory Day, and 5 would carry to gallery of photos since a holiday, etc. Naturally, the website is not done alone. For this purpose you need a programming language (Russia is the most popular ASP and PHP) and though some (I will remind that without DB you should not create the website categorically) the database (the most popular and mySQL and mSQL are convenient). I understand, sounds terribly, but in practice, believe, is not more difficult at all, than to play solitaire. The main thing to penetrate into creation process. Here we approached one of the main problems of that article of a nested doll mentioned in the beginning - finance. To own the database at least with several free megabytes, it is necessary to pay the company or any individual for use services by this base. However, it is possible to arrive rationally and not to go uphill, and to bypass it. In other words, it is possible to use free servers. In the Network their huge set (www. freesql. org, www. boom. ru, www. narod. ru, www. by. ru, -

here the list of the most known of them). But on that they and free that cannot compete with commercial servers. In - the first, free servers provide some megabyte for your database which, by the way, should be developed most. In - the second, from - for a large number of the users using free services there are no guarantees that your resource will not be to vanish or that it is even worse, partially it is destroyed (we will tell, to be removed all materials from the website for the last two months - there will last work on recovery of data for the year ahead!)

You should not forget about a forum - it vitally - important for the website of any the directions a thing. At the beginning, when the work connected with your resource will not be visible the end, and the sponsors wishing to pay you got lost somewhere far behind mountains, users will become the only satisfaction for the work. Believe when in the guest book or at a forum your website is abused / praised - it is magnificent. It means that the project is really interesting to people. After programming it is finished, the turn of filling of a resource comes. To be published with the website containing only the biography of his creator somehow it is silly, and therefore it is worth filling to the brim sections of the website. You create the project and cinema - then in the section Reviews there have to be at least 10 - 20 articles. You do the musical website - take care that there were biographies of celebrities and a big mp3 - archive. In other words, the website should not be empty in respect of materials. Naturally, it is alone difficult to update regularly the project therefore the only exit from this situation - search of authors (will absolutely shokoladno be if you find sensible proofreaders and editors). As you have no money to pay publications of articles of authors, it is necessary to show the oratorical abilities: you speak anything, promise in the future payment, glory, recognition. Do not forget every time to remind them that too it is hard for you to edit them compositions . But which case do not go too far! Do not forget, authors - blood and bread of any edition. However, if, say, one of nyyuzmeyker writes not qualitative materials, then it is better to say goodbye to him. Let better the website will be updated not daily, but on it will be only qualitative articles. Such is the law of all more - the websites which were less respecting themselves. If there is a poppycock in materials - the reader will scent it at once and will react respectively. That is just will not visit more the site.

Everything only begins!


Creation of own project - really difficult work. Even after your project will appear before numerous public, will make success among users of the World Web, not the fact that money will pour down to you the river. So once again reflect whether it is necessary for you. But if decided, then - good luck!