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How to choose a communicator?

In modern time - - technologies run information century high rates forward, and the person needs bigger functionality of mobile devices. At our citizens money began to appear, and they do not need any more usual tubes. Today the speech about communicators will go - it is the devices combining in themselves functions of the mobile phone and the pocket computer. by

By what criteria to choose devices of this sort, depends on that, for what purpose you buy a communicator. So, I give classes:

Budgetary models : it as rules of the device with a minimum of functionality and low price. Such models most often are in demand for students (school students), for people who do not need more functional models, or at those who lack money for more serious devices. Devices belong to this class: RoverPC C6, P6, S6, W5; Voxtel W740, W520, W420. These models can be bought at the price from 7500 to 11000.

Musical models : music lovers, as a rule, use devices of this kind. In their main characteristics are entered an excellent musical player, musical " buttons; large volume of memory and quality earphones. Representatives muzofon are: Gigabyte I120, I128, I350; Qtek S300; Sony Ericsson W950, W960, Apple Iphone.

Devices from a photographic component : as a rule, creative people or those who do not see the life without photos use such functions. The chambers best today are built in devices of such level, functions of shooting and transfer of photos are conveniently realized. Possess such functions: Asus P750, RoverPc S5, HTC Trinity II, Voxtel W740.

Models with existence of the physical keyboard : all know that in communicators the feather (stylus) for input of the text via the touch (transinflectional) screen is used. But such input is unacceptable for some people, the same qualities are appreciated by people who have tendency often and to write much. List of models: HTC Wizard, HTC P4350, Samsung I750, Asus P525, P526, Sony Ericsson P990i.

Business - models : in most cases devices of this price category have a severe looking, necessary office functions with good realization, there is a set of communication modules, such as: Wi - Fi, EDGE, IRDA, BLUETOOTH, GPRS, 3G. Most of producers of communicators are guided by such devices as they become irreplaceable assistants in the businessman`s life. Models for business: Orsio n725, RoverPc G5, HP rx6515, HP rx6528, HTC Artemis.

" models; in total in one : are characterized by high cost, but unite in themselves all functions, in the majority innovative. Devices have the productive processor, large volume of memory, the high-quality camera, an excellent player, all types of communication, the built-in GPS module thanks to which navigation is carried out. Enough often such models have the decent weight and the sizes, and are appreciated generally by the people working in the sphere of information technologies. Devices: Asus P535, P525, P735, P750.

Models with management of fingers : this absolutely new direction in development of communicators, in such models all management, the press is carried out only by fingers. Such devices have an attractive appearance, convenient management, but low functionality. At the moment there are two models: Apple Iphone, HTC Touch.

Personally from the author of article: before purchase be convinced that such device is necessary for you, and I want to warn that the intellectual equipment very much is afraid of falling and its repair costs considerable money. I am a student, I have Samsung I750, after experience of use for a period of three months I can tell that I do not use the majority of functions as it is inconvenient to work with the stylus and there is no time to take out it. So, well consider, of a nuzhnala to you such purchase? ]