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What is necessary for celebration 14 - go February?

the Legend say that on February 14, 269 in Ancient Rome the priest by the name of Valentin consecrating with bonds of marriage of the Roman soldiers to which it was forbidden to marry was executed. Till last day lovers to whom it helped threw to it through a note chamber window in the form of hearts with words of gratitude. Therefore on February 14 there was both a day of memory of the Saint, and a holiday of all lovers.

Well and that that in calendars date is not celebrated red! Heart gives a message to heart, and this is important. Shine of vlyublenkny eyes and purple of hearts on Valentine`s Day cards - here holiday signs.

I though this holiday - a holiday of two, it is possible to mark out him and in the company.

A begins this holiday with invitations - red hearts.

Registration. Red and pink cloths and candles. On posters and cards playful love messages and telegrams. For example:

Festive messages

1. I wish happy Valentine`s day!

Tekper of lovers became one more.

K to them I joined in love with you!

2. On St. Valentine`s Day

Ya I want to tell you:

You are the only man For whom destiny

I Am grateful to

immensely, I safely tell


That you, beautiful, true,

Lovely, very much I love!

Telegrams by St. Valentine`s Day which texts can be sent by mail and can be used for posters:

- Citizens! Be careful! The cupid robbed a warehouse of ammunition and disappeared in the unknown direction.


- Lovers! Remember! I am not rubber! the Mailbox

- By November 14 I will be ready

to a population explosion.

Maternity hospital No. 1

Food. Valentinov pie and punch.

How to make pie in the form of heart:

Bake one pie of round, and other square shape.

Let`s them cool down on a lattice.

Cut round pie on halves.

Connect all parts together and freeze.

Toasts by a feast:

1. It is known that the woman always can, but not the vsekgda wants... The man - always wants, but not always can. So put

we will give a toast to St. Valentine`s Day that the love extremely connected zheklaniye and opportunities.

2. I am not afraid of

I to be banal I repeat bravely;

Friends! Our union,

But ladies all is fine - it is finer! They are very clever


Are fresh, beautiful and kind!. So we will drink

for great ladies,

That presented an occasion to drink!

3. The woman takes the husband to the psychiatrist and complains:

- you Understand, the doctor, my husband almost tells nothing! I constantly try to hype up it, continually I address it, and it in reply only

Yes, expensive or I Love, dear . Tell, the doctor, maybe, is a dangerous illness? - No, it is not an illness, it is talent!

Let`s give a toast that each woman had such talented husband!

Gifts. Envelopes, a framework for photos in the form of heart, candy by St. Valentine`s Day. Example of gifts:

- Expensive (road)! Every hour, minute and second heat of my love to you flares all silkny stronger! If you immediately do not cool it the kiss, then during the next moment I proksto will thaw, as well as this

CAKE - ICE CREAM in the form of HEART

- Expensive (road)! On February 14 it is accepted to give Valentine`s Day cards, but most often their century is nekdolgy, as well as paper of which they are most often made. Besides you can leave such gift where - nibud, to forget or lose. That nothing it happened, my gift stronger, it big and soft, And a minute of an ustaloksta you will always remember me.

the SMALL PILLOW - DUMOChKA in the form of HEART

- I would like to be anywhere and everywhere near you. But if it is impossible, let with you always bukdt my gift. Coming home, you will know that I think only of you, and leaving the house, will be sure that I already look forward to a meeting with tokby. Will prompt to you it is

the CHARM FOR KEYS in the form of the HEART

- Today - a St. Valentine`s Day and love, and a love symbol - flowers, here and I want to present you such symbol. But not the habitual cut flower which is already dying, but live, growing and developing as well as my love to you! Accept