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To do life - from whom? The artist N. P. Shumkin of

B him early woke up art talent and steady thirst for art. Drew everywhere and everything, than it is only possible. At the beginning formation elder sisters helped - presented an album, pencils, paints, acquainted with works of the famous artists, in every possible way approved development of abilities to graphic activity. In the same time Nikolay Shumkin got acquainted with works of the famous artist, the fellow countryman Philip Andreevich Malyavin, life, art searches which achievements inspired also him on aspirations in art.

Nikolay Petrovich Shumkin was born in a simple rural family. It occurred on February 17, 1937 in the settlement Skilled Field Totsky region of the Orenburg region. There is no settlement on a map for a long time - it remained only in tenacious memory of the artist, in his sketches and picturesque etudes and in kind memory of the former fellows villager.

The great teacher - the nature! Nikolay since youthful years also studied, generally at native forest-steppes, at Pogromki`s small river, at immense space which began literally under legs. It coincided also with his fishing hobbies, and the fisher it inveterate and very inventive. Commitment, supervision over the nature, an ingenuity helped and help it and with creativity.

In the fifties Nikolay Shumkin for the first time got acquainted with an exit exhibition of the Orenburg professional artists. Alexander Ivanovich Ovchinnikov presented to the beginning painter the etude, talked about creativity and invited to Orenburg to practical study. In 1960 the young artist for the first time showed the landscapes and portraits at a city exhibition in the next city - Buzuluk. Already its first works made success at the audience.

Nikolay Petrovich soon graduated from the Moscow public university of arts of N. K. Krupskaya. And in 1966 - it is art - graphic faculty of the Krasnodar teacher training college. And since 1967 Nikolay Petrovich lives and works in Tolyatti. Having arrived to this city, the artist became the witness of his birth and growth. In 1969 in the city newspaper Nikolay Petrovich`s drawing " was for the first time printed; Occupations in a fine art studio . Soon the artist was handed the correspondent certificate, and he began to cooperate with the Tolyatti, Samara and Orenburg press. Made out and illustrated books.

Gradually Nikolay Petrovich Shumkin became the recognized artist - the teacher. He directed a fine art studio in the Palace of pioneers, trained students on artly - graphic faculty of a normal school, taught painting at teacher training college. At first it was handed the medal For the valorous work then gave the rank Excellent student of national education . His many pupils successfully work in various areas of art.

Nikolay Petrovich is a devoted successor of traditions of the Russian national landscape. The artist embodied the admiration of beauty of the nature of the native land in the pictures painted by oil and engravings. Many cloths are written to them in Italy (in Florence and Rome), in Bulgaria.

The main place in creativity is taken by a lyrical landscape expensive to heart where the artist sensitively reports the special atmosphere of the Orenburg and Volga open spaces - lakes Swan, the Samara, Volga River, the Bakhilovy Glade, Shiryaevo which incarnate simplicity and truthfulness give a pacification, rest and harmony with world around. The artist made many sketches, graphic sketches, friendly cartoons and comic drawings, a series of portraits of contemporaries, still lifes. Shumkin`s works already gained the fame far from native coast. Cloths of the artist decorate private collections in the USA, Germany, Hungary, Holland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Finland, Italy and Denmark.

A specific place in affairs of the artist is held by literary sketches and diary entries in which he comprehends reality, fixes supervision and secrets of skill. There are in its creative arsenal both everyday stories, and stories, verses. Nikolay Petrovich is the sociable, cheerful, strong person. Working, he often sings favourite songs, and in conversations keeps saying that he does not recognize an old age that physically to the person of no character in art to exist very difficult. Creative activity for it - above any other affairs.

Nikolay Petrovich Shumkin does not like to write to order, his inspiration comes unexpectedly, the nature prompts it the plots delighting admirers of his creativity. The master continues to work hard and give richness of a perennial spring of life and beauty of the Russian remote place. Today the artist completely devoted himself to painting. The main works are shown in the graphic museums of Tolyatti.]