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Snow miracle of

This story was told to me by a cold north. There was it in Almaty a year ago.

the Late letter

- There now and everything, - Father Frost Snegurochke smiled to

. - Tomorrow the second of January, and it means that it is possible to collect suitcases and to go to have a rest. I suggest to go this year to the Canary Islands.

- I not against, - the Snow Maiden answered, - only, - she stretched it an envelope on which by bold children`s hand it was removed: To Father Frost! Personally in hands . - The letter was late. The boy as a gift asked the computer, writes that he behaves well. Perhaps when we will come back home, we will come to it, we will look, whether the truth?

- Be your way, - Moroz of Ivanovic agreed.

The main Father Frost together with the main Snow Maiden three months before a New Year`s holiday work without rest. They need to check process of collecting gifts. Suddenly Snowmen will confuse something - not that toy which the child wanted, as a gift will put. They need to read all mail - many letters come at this particular time and not to disregard any children`s request. Then to paint route sheets for all Frosts. In submission at the main thing their several thousands. Everyone has to manage to arrive to the city appointed to it in time, to manage to spread out to all children gifts under a fir-tree. Other Frosts it is necessary to send to kindergartens, schools, boarding schools for carrying out morning performances. The third go to presidential fir-trees, the fourth - to theaters, palaces of culture etc. And Father Frost has to hand to each of them a detailed route, a bag with gifts and a magic staff. By the way, with its help on December 31 all Fathers Frost report on the main thing as they have affairs if suddenly someone lacks gifts, then it quickly sends them.

New neighbors

- Mother, - Timur ran in kitchen, - we have new neighbors. I already managed to get acquainted with them. Mikhail and Snezhana Morozov. Interestingly so, now they have a summer always winter in a surname.

- Well you stir it? - Aliya Sariyevna responded. - Go read the book better. To you a lot of literatures for the summer set on reading.

- Mummy, - Timur smiled, - I am not your pupil, and you send me as them. I will surely read everything, but only later, in August. Honestly - it is honest. And now it is possible - I will go to computer club?

- The son, to us a salary detain, I cannot give you money.

The boy heaved a deep sigh.

- I on the street will play.

If Father Frost brought me the computer, I would not spend mother`s money - the boy thought, having gone outside.

- Hi!

Timur turned back. Mikhail and Snezhana stood at an entrance.

- Already settled?

- Yes. Now we want to go on the city to look. Perhaps you will help us? - Mikhail asked.

- And you the first time in Almaty?

They exchanged glances, winked each other and in the affirmative began to nod the heads.

- We have in the city so many beautiful places! Any parks with attractions, circus, a zoo, theaters and pools are. And the cafe where serve tasty ice cream is a lot of. You love ice cream?

- Very much - very much, - Snezhana answered.



For several days Timur became friends with new neighbors. During this time they already managed to visit three parks and a zoo. It were pleasant to the boy of a story about the distant countries which Mischa and Snezhana visited. And Timur told them that his mother is a teacher of biology at school. The boy has no father as mother told, he was a pilot - the polar explorer and died during researches on the North Pole. That he studies in the third grade. This academic year, as well as two previous, finished on the three. And that with the work and continuous out-of-class actions mother sees the son only late at night.

- You know what most of all is pleasant to me? - Timur looked at the friends. - Only do not think that I elicit! I love computers. But mother not always has money that I could descend in computer club.

- And Mischa is just engaged in computers, - Snezhana told. - Call on us, you will play.

- I will come surely.

And Timur began to come to Morozov every evening. Taking away it home, Aliya Sariyevna thanked neighbors.

- You sorry, again this idler at you played late. Directly I do not know what with it to do, but very much he the computer wants. Yes unless I am able to afford such luxury for the teacher`s salary?

Still Timur liked to go with Mikhail and Snezhana to the pool. Usually lying in a chaise lounge, the boy chewed sandwich and listened as the girl reads for them aloud the book.

- And you specially choose such books? - he asked.

- What? - she was surprised.

- According to my school program. My mother advised it to you?

Mikhail winked at the companion.

- No, - Snezhana inclined the head on one side. - I just like these works.

Sad messages

there Came the fall. Timur went to school. Somehow in the evening, having made all lessons, the boy came to neighbors and saw that they collect suitcases.

- You leave? - he asked.

- You understand, Tim, offered Mischa work in other city and we need to go there, - Snezhana explained.

- And you any more never here will arrive?

- Of course, we will arrive. Only next year. But you be not upset, we will write you.

- You call better, and I somehow the letter sent that, and it did not reach the addressee.

- You have acquaintances in other cities? - Mischa got into conversation.

- No, - the boy shook the head. - Only you do not speak to mother. I wrote Father Frost, asked that:

- You, probably, wanted the computer.

- Aha. But, in my opinion, Father Frost does not exist.

- That you! - Snezhana exclaimed.

At Mischa at this moment the head began to spin, and he sat down on a sofa. The girl ran on kitchen and brought it a towel with ice. Mischa applied it to temples.

- I to you will reveal one secret, - Snezhana said in low tones. - Never it is impossible to say and even to think that you do not believe in Father Frost. When children so speak, the grandfather begins to feel bad.

- Well, I will not be. I believe in him. I trust. Only:

- You know that, - was offered by Mischa to whom already felt better, - take the handle and paper. Write the letter. I in a box will lower him. In total - I will work in the north. You look, will quicker reach the addressee.

One more New year

on December 31 at an apartment door where there lived Timur with mother, were called.

- Tim, open, - mother shouted, - I have dirty hands.

In a minute in a corridor the joyful voice of the boy was heard.

- Mother, go here! Look, to us Father Frost came!

Aliya Sariyevna came for call of the son. Father Frost and the Snow Maiden were on the threshold with a huge bag.

- Hi, Timur, - the grandfather told.

- Hello, - the boy answered and, having a little been confused, looked at mother.

- Well - tell me how you studied this year?

- Father Frost, I finished the first half of the year perfectly well.

- And you read books?

- There is a lot of. I want to be clever when I grow up.

- You offend mother?

- That you, never. It at me only in this world!

- What you will tell, the Snow Maiden? - Moroz addressed the granddaughter.

- I think that the child deserved a gift, let`s hand it.

Father Frost untied the bag and began to get one box from there, then the second, third. Then pulled out three more small.

- Well, receive that ordered. You wanted the computer.

- Hurrah - and - and! Thanks, grandfather! - the happy kid cried.

While Father Frost installed the computer, the boy attentively looked at the Snow Maiden. Lines of her face were familiar to Timur. But he could not remember in any way where he saw this girl.

At parting the Snow Maiden stroked the boy on the head.

- Good-bye, Timur! Happy New Year!

- Good-bye, Snezh: The Snow Maiden, - the boy whispered.

P. S. Look narrowly more attentively at the neighbors. Suddenly near you there live Father Frost and the Snow Maiden and fixedly watch your behavior and progress within a year. Father Frost not always goes with a long white beard. He is a wizard. So, is able to become the young man.