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Whether there is life on Mars? There are no

On this, apparently, rhetorical question from the famous movie, strangely enough, still the intelligible answer. Of course, there are disputes (whether there is life - whether there is no life), but scientists cannot still come to a consensus. Moreover, red planet continues to give the surprises, again stirring interest in itself. So, we will consider several riddles of our neighbor and we will try to answer the matter.

Parameters of Mars. Mars - the small planet. Its weight makes only 0,11 mass of Earth. Volume - 0,15 volumes of Earth. Average distance to the Sun - 227,9 million kilometers. Diameter of the equator makes 6794 kilometers.

Water. One of the most active disputes was dispute on availability of water on a surface red planet . Now it is known that water on a surface of the planet existed. About 3,5 billion. years back on Mars there were whole oceans of water which mysteriously disappeared later. Some space disaster - for example, blow of a huge asteroid could be the reason for that. This theory is confirmed by existence of a huge canyon which has the extent of 4,5 thousand km and depth more than 10 km. On our planet of such objects does not exist. At the same time the planet lost the main part of the atmosphere. Now it is known that water on the planet exists, but it is deep under a surface. Nevertheless, water exits to a surface were observed. According to scientists, Mars is cold and dry planet . How water could be in a liquid state, remains to unknown. Now it is possible to tell unambiguously that water on Mars was.

Martian persons . Many interested this planet knows history of Martian persons. For the first time person it was photographed in 1976 by the American device The Viking - 1 . Person is very large object having extent about 1 km. If it was created by reasonable beings, it could demand huge efforts. However sceptics prefer to see in it only game of shadows and fancifulness of a Martian relief. But is on Mars and person more largely. Person has the sizes of 2045 km! In the picture uploaded to the official site by NASA the nose, eyes, eyebrows, a forehead are clearly visible. What could it be? Though these educations can be had and obviously geological origin. The nature is a great sculptor.

Martian skulls. One of the most amazing opening of the last years. It is known that now the American mars rovers which made these pictures work at Mars. Skulls are found in Gusev`s crater. So far their three. In a picture skulls with eye-sockets and the acting jaws are clearly visible. Biologists compare them to skulls of the pangolin living at the time of the Jurassic Period, and a modern cheetah. Also the roundish skull with eye-sockets, a nose bridge and nadbrovny arches which is amazingly reminding the humanoid`s skull was photographed. All pictures are made on a small site of a Martian surface. And if to survey big sites of a surface? Or to be engaged in archeological excavations?

Martian flashes. One of the few riddles, a question on which the irrefragable answer was given. At research of Mars strange flashes were noticed. Enthusiasts saw in them traces of presence of reason at once. Like, it are battles between Martians. But modern researches showed that flashes only (unfortunately enthusiasts) are reflections from ice crystals of clouds of the rarefied atmosphere of the planet. By the way, the atmosphere of Mars consists of carbon dioxide.

Martian climate. Owing to an atmosphere sparseness climate on Mars just awful! To terrestrial measures it is very cold there. Average temperature on the planet fluctuates in the range from - 70 to - 170 degrees Celsius. In a liquid state water under such circumstances cannot exist, of course.

Martian researches. To Mars already started a set of devices. Now there are two mars rovers of NASA which continue the researches. By means of these mars rovers a large number of pictures was made. However researches of the planet fully, of course, will be possible only after disembarkation to a surface of the person. For comparison: mars rovers from the moment of disembarkation in January, 2004 passed in total 18,8 km and made 196000 pictures. Of course, it is not enough.

And what with the answer to our main issue? Whether there is life on Mars? In our terrestrial understanding (if the life then which is surely conceiving if conceiving - surely humanoids) lives on the planet is not observed. But, as we know, life sometimes takes the most bizzare shapes. On Earth, for example, bacteria were found even in muzzles of volcanoes or in geothermal sources where water temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius. The question of existence of life on Mars still is open and disputable.

Red planet still hides a set of secrets. Even satellites of Mars Phobos and Deymos are very mysterious objects. We hope that the most important opening and riddles of our terrible neighbor still are waiting in the wings.]