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Ethnocentrism, xenophobia and cultural shock. Let`s understand?

Coming to some country, we feel cultural shock when we face traditions, a way of life, mentality, unusual, unusual for us. About it it is well written in the article How to be prepared for cultural shock in America?

Glanced in the book Organizational behavior under edition Laftulliny and Thunderous. There such definition is given: cultural shock is the feeling of confusion, danger, alarm, helplessness caused by misunderstanding of system of values of foreign culture. It arises as reaction to distinctions in habitual manifestations of activity: from distinctions in language to distinctions in politeness manifestation forms.

You present the German who got on the Russian korporativchik and called constantly to drink to the bottom . What do foreigners think of us? What to say yes even if in the country we do not know the real situation in different regions! You come so on the South from the Arkhangelsk region, and you are sympathetically asked: It was the share to you especially for a trip of the South summer clothes to buy? . Aha, and polar bears at us roam about streets! And according to some foreigners - over all country.

And there are stereotypes concerning the whole nations. Hospitable, but such unpredictable Russians, punctual Germans, prudish British. And average American ? The list can be added with images of Japanese, Chinese, and so indefinitely different reactions can be

After cultural shock. Someone will become interested in foreign culture and will begin openly and friendly to study it. However, here too there is the extreme - a prevoznosheniye of foreign culture. On this background usually hold up to shame the culture, life, the country... However, I wanted to talk about other party of a medal.

Ethnocentrism is one of serious obstacles of adaptation to other culture. These are predisposition of people to estimate conditions of the culture as preferable, conviction that cultural values and customs of own country surpass all other values. Ethnocentrism is connected with sense of superiority which representatives of one culture (the country, a nationality) test in relation to others, it can be shown in disrespect for other person, aspiration to look down on it, imposing of the frame of reference and values (we consider them the best).

In many respects the situation is influenced by lack of tolerance and tunnel vision. People too often see what is wanted to be seen, being guided only by own representations and own cultural experience. Here the same as when reading books. The author writes one, and the reader can to see absolutely another. And how many readers, are so much also shades of perception

Extreme manifestation of ethnocentrism - xenophobia . It is expressed in intolerance to alien, rejection of unfamiliar and unusual representations in foreign culture, the aggressive attitude towards them. About xenophobia (in Greek ksenos - stranger, Phobos - fear) speak much and even try to fight against it. Nevertheless, the problem (in many respects and due to the versatility) is still actual.

Such moods can be met anywhere. Think at least of how fantasts represent our attitude towards aliens. And in the multinational states know about xenophobia firsthand. It is necessary to change a situation from small - each person has to decide for himself how to treat this problem.

Let`s respect each other!]