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What is Gmail?

B 1998 the native of Russia Sergej Brin founded the Google company known to a wide people at large as one of the most popular search engines. But it seemed to Sergey of it a little, and he decided to get there where it should not be put, actually. So, meet, Gmail (www. gmail. com) - one more mail service having, however, a huge number of differences from a great number of others mailers (hotmail. com, yahoo. com or Russian &ndash services; rambler. ru, yandex. ru, mail. ru).

of the Innovation

At the first fluent viewing of the Gmail interface you notice absence of such family to the Russian heart of folders as Proceeding or Entering . It with an ulterior motive. The matter is that specialists of Google decided not to follow the tastes creators of numerous mail services which created the services differing in nothing from similar it. No, Gmail attracts absolutely with another: originality of approach (to everything, even to such banal thing as writing of the letter), the elegant style, gigabyte of an empty seat, eventually. But give about everything one after another.

the Interface

If we exorcized about appearance of a new mail service of Google, we will continue this subject. The interface really strikingly differs from the majority of similar services. In - the first, in Gmail there is no such concept any more as " basket; or to remove the letter . But there is Archive (archive our way). It is surprising that nobody guessed Google to enter this function. And function in every sense words ingenious. As it was possible to understand from a subtitle, the gigabyte of an empty seat for each user service became the main counter of Gmail. For some it is a lot of, but for most of users even of gigabyte, active or lazy in respect of cleaning of the electronic box, it is not enough. For them function of an archiving is thought up.

Imagine that so there is a lot of letters in your box, as there is not enough gigabyte (I know - it is difficult to present). To delete letters? Very doubtful action, considering that it is necessary to rummage in lots of letters and spam, important for you. And so, as soon as the total weight of letters will exceed gigabyte, they will be … to be archived. That is they will disappear from the list of your correspondence, but will not get to anywhere. You at any time can address any letter which is in archive. Useful idea? Still! You think, all this innovations? You are mistaken. At Google one more ace in a sleeve is hidden. Now imagine such situation: your box is filled up with all correspondence - important documents, correspondence with friends or the girlfriend. Agree, to understand this bedlam very difficult and time does not want to be spent. An exit from this problem is simple - to get a box on Gmail. Now, opening the letter sent, say, from your boss Gmail will kindly provide you the list from other letters which you sent to the chief or on the contrary, it sent you. And all this on one page!

Revolutionary &ndash e-mail server; it is already reality!

of Google was and remains national corporation. Brin`s company always created something creative and at the same time did not ask, as a rule, from users of money. Gmail - it is one more wonder of the world. It is really revolutionary e-mail server. And even if you already have several electronic boxes - get one more. Also start up it will be Gmail. Not for the most convenient interface or speed of work of service. And at least for the sake of gigabyte of an empty seat. In total - not every day you just like that, for nothing, are given gigabyte on small expenses.