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How to conquer peaks of intellectual games? Part 1.

What our life? Game! - these words are known, probably, by everyone in our country. For fans of the opera is a fragment of the aria of Herman from the opera Queen of spades . But for the majority these words and a melody are inseparably linked with a small room in the Hunting lodge of Neskuchny Garden in Moscow. Exactly there more than thirty years there take place shootings of a television quiz What? Where? When? .

This game created in 1975 by the TV host Vladimir Voroshilov very quickly became so popular that was beyond the television screen. Now practically in all large regions of Russia and in many countries where natives of the former USSR live, exist clubs of experts . Unfortunately, the circle of experts which is quite closed practically is engaged nobody in promoting of games. It is connected with the fact that for the audience those kinds of game which are used out of television are boring and almost uninteresting. Therefore the absolute majority also does not suspect that the events on the screen - only a top of a huge iceberg of Intellectual Games. So, what intellectual games happen? Here main types of games on logical thinking.

Elite games, it is simpler - elitarka . It what we see in the telecast. One team of six experts plays. In the television version questions are sent by TV viewers therefore it is considered that the team of experts plays against team of TV viewers. The next question is chosen a top which indicates the envelopes which are spread out on a table with questions. Such classical the surroundings is observed, generally only at television shooting. Out of the screen the team plays against the abstract opponent, and questions can be chosen by means of a lot - kegs for a lotto, billiard balls or playing cards. After a question reading the team has one minute for discussion. Each right answer on a question gives to team one point, the point gives the incorrect answer to the opponent. When one of teams scores six points, she wins.

If the good team plays on a limit of the opportunities on a good and interesting package of questions, then on a TV screen game looks very spectacularly. Unfortunately, on it advantages elitarka come to an end. Spectacularly it looks only on the screen when the audience has an opportunity well to see and hear minute of discussion. In usual games the audience not to disturb, stands on some distance and practically hears nothing. But the most important minus - is played by only one team. If there is a lot of persons interested to play, then problems begin. It is possible to play at the same time in different halls, but it is difficult to organize it - rooms, leaders, the equipment are necessary. If to play consistently, on different sets of questions, then inevitably there are disputes on equivalence of questions over complexity. These shortcomings the sports version of game is deprived.

Sports " version; What? Where? When? - sportivka - appeared in 1989. The main feature of a sportivka - competition of teams against each other on the same questions. All teams are on an equal footing, and it also is the main criterion of physicality. For the audience such game is uninteresting in principle. Imagine the big hall in which several tens teams settle down. The leader reads a question then all attendees begin to argue loudly, at the end minutes write down something on a leaflet of paper and give to the leader. After the announcement of the correct answer all again some time rustle then turn to the following question. And there is a lot of - many times. Usually thirty six questions - three rounds on twelve recoup. Results appear in the end of the game, and the team which answered the maximum quantity of questions becomes the winner. After that the experts happy or not really, disperse. Well and on what here to look to the viewer? Nevertheless, among experts sportivka it is extremely popular, the vast majority of tournaments are carried out by its rules.

Questions on which are played sportivka and elitarka are almost identical. But if in elite game the expert at the answer can speak long enough, then the question for a sportivka means the short answer from several words - it should still manage to be written on quite small reply form. Elitarka and sportivka demand from experts on very broad outlook in the most various field of science, culture, art. But teams only of one erudites seldom try to obtain great success in game. The questions demanding only knowledge of certain facts are usually uninteresting. Such questions are called questions on pure knowledge and they are tried to be avoided.

It is easy to write very simple or very difficult question. It is much more difficult to formulate a question so that it comprised all necessary for the answer, but at first sight it was unevident. The majority of teams do not answer a good question, but, having heard the correct answer, players clutch at the head, being surprised as they could see obvious. The good question does not demand specific knowledge. At most, that the author of a good question - knowledge at the level of high school, attentiveness, observation and common sense will demand from team. There is quite simple example.

Question 1. This substance - the main component of acid rains. In a gaseous form it can cause heavy burns. At hit of a high dose of this substance in a stomach there can be vomiting. At casual inhalation it also the lethal outcome is not excluded. Call this substance. If to guess that the author of a question does not demand knowledge of chemistry, then the simplest of possible options makes sense to look.

Often, at first sight, the author demands from experts on knowledge of such facts from history which the normal person can know only incidentally. But unless game can depend on casual knowledge?

Question 2. Somehow time Mark Twain`s friend, Harry Dyyumen, borrowed 500 dollars, having promised to return by all means them in a month - certainly if it is still live. Question: what was made by Mark Twain, without having received promised in a month? you know who such Harry Dyyumen? I do not know, as well as I do not know the most this history. However Mark Twain was still that joker. Remember Dyyumen`s reservation - here to you and the answer.

One more interesting way of creation of questions - retelling by pseudoscientific language by all of the known works.

Question 3. This subject the increased contents 79 - go an element of the table of Mendeleyev distinguished from it similar. Experiment on violation of its integrity in which two persons took part failed, but nevertheless was finished thanks to intervention of a random factor. Specify this factor. If to translate everything into Russian, then the initial fairy tale is guessed at once. Even if you forgot that 79 - y the element is a gold.

You did not want to check yourself in real tournament yet? It is rather simple, ChGK - clubs are practically in each city. Gather a team and try. Perhaps, to you Game peaks will be conquered.

By the way, we will verify answers?

Question 1: Water.

Question 2: Mark Twain published Dyyumen`s obituary.

Question 3: the Mouse which broke the gold small egg demolished by the Chicken Speckled.]