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What do we know about plants - signs of a flower horoscope? Mimosa.

the Last days winters are sent in a flower horoscope to maintaining the Mimosa. In a threshold of spring it replaced artful Belladonna. The bashful beauty will define character of newborns from February 20 to February 29.

A mimosa - a vulnerable being with gentle disposition. She long does not remain at one opinion, never aspires to any purpose. Time does not play for it a special role. Does not dream of the power, situation, welfare. Feelings, especially desire to love are important for it. Tries in everything to be good and very much takes offense if her efforts are criticized.

Characteristics of people and a flower are similar. Tenderness of a mimosa well is known to us. But whether the flower here is known?

Every spring on the eve of a magnificent holiday - day of women - on streets of the cities thousands of dealers offering green branches with modest and gentle yellow flowers - balls pour out. They say that it is a mimosa. But actually offer buyers flowers of an acacia silvery which collecting, delivery and trade - serious business in south countries.

By ́ for (Latin Mimosa) - the sort of flowering plants uniting herbs, bushes or average size trees with the leaves reminding a fern. In a sort about 400 types growing mainly in South America.

The most known of - for the property to put leaflets a look - a bashful mimosa (Mimosa pudica L.) . The grassy plant 30 - 60 centimetric heights puts leaves and lowers branches not only for the night, but also from the most light touch or other irritating reasons. Property, however, is inherent also in other types.

Botanists explain this ability of leaves of a mimosa with aspiration of a plant to be protected from tropical heavy rains. Symmetric leaves of a mimosa under natural conditions serially develop at the first drops of a rain.

At first there are couple of leaflets to which the first drops fell, then the second couple, and so until all of them do not rise the ends up, and the shank will fall down, having almost closely nestled on a stalk. Process takes place quickly enough and reminds wind whiff.

The mimosa is able not only to hide, but also to be protected. All stalk of a plant is covered with thorns, even fruits - beans are protected, will not ripen yet. And after maturing beans reveal, and seeds are easily carried by wind.

In tropics of the Latin American countries the mimosa bashful represents the usual hardly eradicated weed, in the conditions of our climate it is cultivated as an ornamental annual plant in greenhouses or in house conditions. Flowers small, are twisted in fluffy spherical inflorescences with the numerous lilac stamens exposed on long threads.

One of relatives of a bashful mimosa - Hostilis mimosa - is esteemed by the Brazilian tribes of Indians as a magic tree. Its local name - Zhurema. The secret of magic is simple, bark and roots of a tree contain narcotic substances which use helps shamans to enter a trance.

In Europe the mimosa appeared in the middle of the century before last. Brought it from San - Domingo the captain Paul Tourner. The naive seaman believed that ability to put leaves will help to open intentions of crafty women to which emergence the plant allegedly reacts.

With arrival of spring comes to an end reign sensitive Mimosa, on throne there is a handsome Mack. About it soon.]