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Stephenson: the semi-disabled person who proved that... God is? Part 2

God is!

is Told, God sends to people of test in order that they could rise by one step above. The test sent to Stephenson - serious illnesses. Its health was so weak that even the slight cold could end for it tragicly. And here also the blood spitting opened - tuberculosis! But to be ill there is no time - the married person needs to earn money to support the wife and children. And therefore, it is as if heavy to you was, it is necessary to take up the pen and to work. If you think that work more, than all, so you same as all! - he quotes himself and turns to work. Work, favourite work - here rescue and meaning of life!

The new trouble nearly deprived of its work: the right hand was taken away from Stephenson Well, so we will write with the left hand! Outputting the word behind the word left, he worries only about one: in such a way you will not write much, so, and you will not earn. The way out was found by Fannie. She began to write down from dictation of the husband, having become at the same time his stenographer and the literary secretary. It would seem, the problem is solved, but far from it: after one of attacks the speech was taken away from Stephenson In completion to everything it played a sciatica and rheumatism, and also eyes began to suppurate. Now it is impossible neither to write it, nor to read, nor to talk, nor to go. It was necessary only to lie day - densky and to wait until it is given sleeping pill.

It would seem, there is no exit. Everything that it needed - to attain quietly the age, handfuls swallowing of tablets and anesthetic. But, maybe, you sometime heard about pigheads who having fallen, always try to rise? Which are not able or do not want to recognize themselves won and battle until die or will not achieve the? What is done by Stephenson? He learns to dictate in language of deaf-mutes - one hand! Here, really, all adversities " break against courageous heart; as east wisdom claims.

Tens of times his life was on a hair from death. But every time some inexplicably it got out, again fell in a chasm and again rose, coming out the winner in, apparently, absolutely hopeless situations. This miracle alloy of will and courage yielded also the same fantastic result: the speech, ability to move and operate the right hand returned to it, sight was restored and spasms disappeared, but the main thing - he won against tuberculosis. And still, as a moral award for the shown firmness, at its door the most real literary glory was knocked.

I how here not to exclaim after that: God is!

Tusitala Having chartered

on the money inherited, the yacht, Stephenson together with the family went to travel by the southern seas. That there was not a whim, and attempt to find healthy climate for his weak lungs. And such place was found - one of islands of the archipelago of Samoa (nowadays this sovereign state Western Samoa). Here also Stephenson " solved; to drop an anchor .

Tusitala - Story-teller - so his Samoans called. And not only from - for improbable quantities of strange stories that he told them, but also that he wrote " all the time; different words in the notebook. Why to spend so much time and forces on writing down some words on paper? - they were perplexed. But this strangeness of Tusitala did not prevent them to concern to him with an invariable share of respect.

Once on the Hawaiian Islands Stephenson began the witness of how the leprous girl waited under arrest of sending to leper colony together with mother who voluntarily wished it to accompany, but not sure that is eypozvolit there to remain. The show it absolutely shook Stephenson. It could help nothing to it, but gave money that though somehow to facilitate its fate. Stephenson was deeply touched by the general grief and crying accompanying parting - Hawaiians are extraordinary attached to the relatives. After the departure of the girl which so shook it Stephenson decided not to spare himself and, without regard to real danger to catch leprosy, went to leper colony. He spent the whole week there, helping as could, to its inhabitants, tormented by awful shows, but feeling true raising of spirit at the sight of such kindness at helpless, such courage and altruism at patients .

Once during walk to Stephenson one of these unfortunate met. The patient met requirements of him, and the cigar - the only luxury of local men was clamped in the lips spoiled with an illness. Unfortunate recognized Stephenson, joyfully began to smile to him and, having taken out the smoking stub from a mouth, stretched it to the writer. That leprosy is infectious Stephenson knew well, but to offend the poor who shared with him the property he could not. Magnificent gesture it accepted a cigar and dragged on a dense smoke. Then returned leprous a cigar and, having nodded it as a token of gratitude, went the own way.

The Seaman came back home

Stephenson died not of weak lungs. More likely, he died of overfatigue. On December 3, 1894, having gone down from an office, Luis saw that Fannie is gloomy - she was tormented by a presentiment as if to someone from relatives there has to be a misfortune soon. Luis decided to encourage her and, having brought a wine bottle from a cellar, began to cook together with it salad. And suddenly it fell - a cerebral hemorrhage. In two hours he died.

He was buried at mountain top Weah. Soon on the place of burial the rectangular tombstone appeared. On it lines from it " were beaten out; Wills :

To the wide sky-faced in the evening Put

me, and I will die,

Ya is joyful veins and I will easily die

I to you I bequeath one - to Write

on my tombstone:

The Seaman from the seas came back home,

the Hunter from mountains came back home,

It there where he went " long ago;.

In twenty years, in 1915, Fannie`s ashes were transferred from California here and placed near the husband`s remains.

Stephenson is Today the national hero of Samoa. Hotels and streets, restaurants and cafe, hospitals and libraries call by his name. The house where he lived, and its grave - the main sights of the country.]