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How to catch a delicacy?

That to us overseas sea lobsters - at us crayfish are. However, restaurant - are too expensive. At trains on substations crayfish cheaper, but too at the decent price are on sale. However fans of this excellent delicacy (especially under beer!) no money will be regretted if crayfish are in foreseeable space

Here only a question: whether and the first freshness this production - at trains, in buffets, in a bistro and restaurants? And how crayfish are prepared if you independently did not cook them?

Life experience prompts that the most tasty crayfish are when to you years 10 - 13! You - were bought to blue in the face, about ten large crayfish in the same remarkable river caught at the same time. And now - you sunbathe under the sun and you wait when the catch bakes in cooling down ugolyakh a fire It is ready! Try - a yum-yum, and both without salt, and without spices!

But now you - for a long time the solid person. Also took a bucket, salt, spices, a box of beer and friends. You are going to treat colleagues from all generous soul - the and the local nature. Crayfish were caught, made, properly boiled thoroughly - tasty But it is possible and is even more tasty if to add to a bucket with crayfish leaves of currant, mint and blackberry which grow literally nearby.

The story of one good writer is known. In this story our soldiers left a fascist environment and ate just one crayfish, but crude - did not make fire that not to draw with a smoke attention of the enemy. Then crayfish - not only a tasty dish, but also rescue in a difficult time And yes in the back crayfish helped to survive to families of our people, half-starved during that time. Ubiquitous boys quite often fed brothers and sisters with rachy meat - all - not empty Russian cabbage soup from an orach!

Therefore, crayfish should be protected. To catch exactly so much how many it is possible to overcome behind a lunch cloth in one step. Not to take in a catch a trifle and females who have under a tail tens of ikryany germs. Crayfish are necessary to a reservoir and how hospital attendants (they eat many cease to eat crayfish after they study their lunch diet, but than in this regard cancer is worse than a pig or chicken?) are also very necessary as indicators of the life of the river, a pond or the lake. If there are no crayfish or all of them very small, then with a reservoir something is obvious not as it should be.

As to catch them? Actually, the way is quite stated in the known lines: Went the Greek through the river . Cancer it is necessary to find, catch and to take dexterously from a reservoir. It is the most interesting to catch these living creatures, as they say, barehanded in holes, on steep coast, under roots and koryazhka, in dense ooze and a grass. In the river it is the best of all to move against the current, then you will not frighten off crayfish (and they will not manage to departure or well to hide). You will grope something prickly in a hole and running away - creeping away - cover with sharp breakthrough in depth cancer and pull out it outside. Sometimes something long comes across and very slippery. As a rule, it is the dozing burbot escaping in a cool hole from a summer heat. At some sleight of hand if carefully and strong a burbot you clamp at the head, it can become your production Can not become, as in the famous story of A. P. Chekhov on this subject.

When in the river you will follow crayfish on a current, dregs will rise and will warn them about your approach. Though in muddy water happens to catch easily, especially that who feels cancer hands, legs and other parts of a body .

When catching crayfish there are hilarious paradoxes. The case when military poured out to the river the whole mountain " is known; grubbed up boot. And then lodged in each boot on cancer. Boys long time were fed with this happy place, tirelessly checking apartment rach.

And that who samolichno does not want to get into the water there is council - build an unpretentious rod: a fishing-rod from a meter twig; a strong one-and-a-half-meter thread with a match on the end. Get on a match cockleshell meat - pearl barley or other stale meat and throw in water. As soon as cancer takes a bait and will pull a thread, carefully tighten it to yourself. Almost to the coast cancer does not give up production. And here it is the best of all to hook it a fishing podsachek which is in advance put on a bottom. Lifted podsachek - cancer in it!

It is possible to catch special rakolovka: a mesh circle with the fixed bait in the center. It is possible to catch crayfish at night along the coast by the light of a powerful lamp. It is possible to catch in the winter... Ways of catching are quite various. But it is always necessary not to forget about safety measures. You can shchipnut very painfully cancer - it is necessary to suffer. You can meet beaten glass, rusty iron, a barbed wire in a reservoir - be very much and are very careful. And still - it is necessary to be the good swimmer and the diver not to lose self-control at a difficult moment.

Good luck!]