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Whether it is necessary to the woman much to understand: love or optical illusion?

our quiet life were disturbed by unexpected feeling. The girlfriend unintentionally fell in love: at first it was only dispute. Friends told that the guy endures divorce and looks at women cautiously and mistrust. Lyusya ours declared at once that she will easily cure the fellow of melancholy, and rushed...

According to her story, it was pleasant to it at once: high, harmonous, green-eyed, dark brilliant ringlets, the sparkling smile. Not my type and from outside this small looked usually and did not differ in either mind, or ingenuity.

Soon our Lucie already lived at his place (together with his parents, HORROR!!!) . Lyusya looked very happy. Even said that, perhaps, without expecting that, fell in love as the little fool. We rejoiced for it and even believed in her love and that had to be done, to our councils she all the same would not listen.

Once in the winter evening we with Olesya, as usual, whiled away a time behind books. Between times discussed why it is our Lyusya was not at lecture. There were many assumptions: business young, maybe, the stormy night, did not sleep, or, maybe, it prepared for it a surprise (at us Petya hinted about some recreation facility in the country). But what occurred then we did not expect in any way...

At a door our Lucie becomes hollow, but it was difficult to recognize her: under eyes two settled down it is reddish - blue tumors, from - for them the person seemed lilac pancake without any cambers and cavities and when she took off the fur coat, I noticed that it somehow unnaturally bulges a little finger (there was such feeling that it was broken or strongly struck).

We some time sat silently, having opened mouths and having goggled. Lyusya undressed, sat down by us and began to bring to us. She something quickly chattered about some accident on the road, tried to embellish the story interjections and adjectives, even laughed (if it is possible to call it laughter - any hysterical, vibrating sounds). And eyes - that sad - sad!

Olesya has strictly a look at her: Do not lie, tell what happened, and reserve this history for relatives! Here Lyusenka became silent, sobbed and from the swum-away eyes - chinks tears swept. The poor fellow told us it!.

It turned out that yesterday she spent all evening houses together with mother blessed, he somewhere strongly was late. On a key sound in a keyhole mother understood everything and without explanations quickly disappeared in the room. And, as it appeared, not for nothing! As soon as Petyunya appeared in the doorway of the room, it became clear that he is dead-drunk.

Proud Lyusya made a strict face and told: Yes you are drunk, I do not wish to talk to you today, go to bed! Well, from where to it was to know about terrible, almost sadistic habit of the darling when it in a condition of not standing . Petrusha did not begin to argue, and just approached and for a start just raised our friend for a neck, hissing the reek of alcohol to it directly in a face.

Further - it is worse, before her eyes cases, chairs, a floor started gleaming... Generally, on punches our hero was generous. He even bit it for a little finger, a dog!!! At some moment of Lyusya, already lying on a floor, slightly opened eyes and behind the back of darling saw a figure of his mother: Petenka, already very late, you should not rustle so, neighbors will complain! - and quickly - quickly zasharkat to the room. Exclusively! Neighbors will complain! - with horror Lucie thought. The athlete was tired soon and went to sleep, at the same time having locked an entrance door which took with itself(himself).

Next morning our Lyusya could not even move. Of course, apologized to it and even promised care and full leaving, if only to manage without Ambulance . By the evening darling left on affairs, and our victim, having a little recovered, rushed to save the life.

Next day Lyusya remained with us in the room, and we with Olesya went to study. Hardly waited for the end of lectures, worried: how there our girlfriend? The intuition did not bring us. Only we came, in a face to us aroma of expensive spirits smelled, on a table there was the whole basket of roses, a bottle of good cognac and just huge box of chocolates. Against this chic of Lyusino the lilac bloated face looked just ridiculously. She tried to smile, but from this its the swelled-up eyes - chinks in general were closed.

It came, and she already, probably, forgave. You see, it lybitsya, even an eye it is not visible! - I whispered Oleske. Also guessed! Petya entered after us: left to wash fruit. There was it this evening very gallant, modest, to Lyusk my cat called. As he could finish our girlfriend what words, I do not know, only this evening she left together with it! Yes, the love, all - is evil!

In a week history repeated. The excited Lyuska rushed to us as a storm. At itself it had all its belongings. I for ever, do not banish? - only also told. And we also did not begin to ask, all and is so clear. Later, behind a tea cup when our Lucie recovered, she told details of its flight.

The night before Petyunya was late at work again and came home slightly - slightly tipsy . Lyusya, taught by bitter experience, silently sat near his mother on a sofa. They watched TV. Having seen that resistance and lectures will not be today and it is possible to be left without sharp impressions, Petrusha looked round. His look fell to two flat dishes which stood on a table. Why a disorder in the house? - terribly Pyotr asked and strictly so looked at first at mother, and then at Lucie. You are not able to observe purity, we will study - and with these words got on one flat dish on mother`s head, and another - our Luce.

Girls, he five stood even minutes and laughed at us, comparing to motorcyclists in helmets, to nested dolls! - the girlfriend lamented. - And we as two sitting ducks, sat with these cups on the heads and were afraid to stir. I - that, of course, bruises did not descend yet, and here at mother is it, I think, too bitter experience is available. Horror!!!

Generally, our dear girlfriend more with Petyunya any did not want to have affairs. Also Petrushe was helped by neither flowers, nor expensive gifts, nor delightful speeches. And when passed still some time, she in general declared that she, at last, made out it from outside and came to bewilderment. All guessed what there could be pleasant: huge, with paunch hands - sledge hammers, hair constantly fat (and since the beginning all: by nature shine, by nature!) teeth only, probably, pieces ten if it is gathered.

It is good that our girlfriend managed to understand in time the person with whom she, in her opinion, fell in love. And how many women love and forgiven such here to Sing, again love and try to find the reasons to forgive again, and then already and not loved, but live for the sake of children. Whether yes such victims are only necessary!

Life is short, and so far you bear humiliations from such Petrukhov somewhere you the person only and worthy in every sense surely waits for that.]