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Business card. That it can to tell about the owner?

as obliges often and meet different people much - hired workers and owners of the business. I am in large corporations and small offices. As a sign business - cultures at acquaintance always we exchange business cards. Business cards. It is so easier to communicate. Before eyes a name - a surname, a position. However the business card can to tell about the owner there is a lot of interesting.

The Russian standard of the business card - 5 x 9 cm. There are also canons of registration. The business card always has to be unilateral. From a reverse side there is a place for information by hand. But very often the business cards completed on both sides came across to me. What is it? Economy? Desire to give information maximum on one leaflet of a cardboard - all and at once? This in the business world is considered bad manners. As one owner of major company was expressed, having seen such business card, - the Terrible skuperdyaystvo!

Happens, on one party there is information on the owner in Russian, on another - in English. What for? It is far more favorable to make two types of business cards, in different languages. Advantage will be much more. Why to me the English text if I read in Russian and vice versa.

Often business cards happen non-standard - or very big, or, on the contrary (the truth, it is extremely rare), truncated. What it speaks about? The big business card - the person wants to stand out from the crowd. I have, for example, already about 5000 business cards of different firms and firmochek, different partners and heads. Card holders swell. Naturally, the non-standard business card will not go in in a standard card holder, and therefore will just be lost.

Business cards with a photo. If the good photo is a find. With such business card you will not be forgotten, of course. It is necessary for sales managers, insurance agents, realtors and all those who much and often communicate with potential clients. To those people, at whom a usual name and a surname. That who is afraid to be forgotten and lost. Why photo to the Mignonette to Magomedovna? Or to Artur Romualdovich? They and so will never be forgotten, once having met.

Business cards are creative. Here where full revelry of the imagination! It is remembered on one of the websites saw the business card of the consultant for endured divorce. You judge. I publish a photo.

In general I love not only informative business cards, and with sense. For the girlfriend who is engaged in wholesale of caviar and rybotovar we looked for something unusual. Here that turned out. Two in one. It to me boasted then that this business card brought to it there are a lot of new clients. And each of them noted that exactly thanks to this small piece of a cardboard they came to look at the range.

What you have feelings when transfer you the crumpled or torn business card to hands? It is unpleasant to me. Or at all on piece of paper will write a few lines also phone. Or e-mail. I try to enter information to myself in a notebook and to get rid of such uncivilized form of communication.

If to make far digression to history, it is possible to remember that earlier business cards always used for visits - therefore also the name such. From the book Rules of a social life and etiquette. Good form. Collection of councils and manuals St.-Petersburg, 1889:

Many blame the use of business cards. However there are some bases not to agree with it.

Of course to do visits by means of business cards between intimate friends it would be ridiculous, but between the people having not enough communication, business cards have that advantage that often relieve both parties of a mutual dokuchaniye and, replacing personal visit, serve as a respect sign.

Cards make also big convenience when the person whom visited, no in this case the card demonstrates that you wished to execute a debt of courtesy and politeness.

Besides cards have double benefit, they meet requirements of secular decency and preserve time. Women use them also successfully, as well as men.

In many cases, and especially in big cities, cards relieve of personal visits, quite replacing them.

needs to send the card every time when the message on the birth, or a wedding in familiar family is received. Also has to send a card every time when the invitation to a lunch, evening, a ball or a concert is accepted you.

the business cards having initial letters on four corners of various cases able the cause of visit, e.g. " are Very practical and convenient to be; P - means congratulations, About - departure and, therefore, farewell visit. - desire to inquire about a state of health, In - return from long absence, - and in case of absence of hosts fold a corner where there is a letter meaning the visit purpose.
It is remarkably touching

. In our rational century us relieve from personal visits phone calls. Only it is a subject absolutely of other article.

In the terrible thriller - the novel of the American writer Bret Iston Ellis American Psycho four persons argue at whom it is better than the business card. The loser through two hundred pages disembowels the winner. Such extremes are not necessary. From the business card it is required to convey information on the owner. For expansion of contacts. But the most important - that it was not a shame to hand it. Look at

on the business card. What can she tell about you?]