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Turkish route: what, whenever possible, cannot be missed? Part 2

One of the brightest excursions which are offered by Turkey - in Pamukkale. In the Cotton Tower, or Cotton fortress - the magic place which is considered by right as the eighth wonder of the world though its origin by no means not made by hand as at the first seven From far away Pamukkale indeed reminds

a huge heap of the dumped white - prebely cotton wool. Four mineral sources and limy deposits formed snow-white terraces - travertines - hundred fifty meters high. Water in terraska - blue - blue, depth - a maximum knee-deep. Though our guide said that there are terraces in which depth is sufficient for diving.

Huge flow of tourists led in due time to the fact that snowy - white mountains which - where became serovato - dirty. Therefore now turistosa go on strictly taken away reserved track and for any outrage on Cotton fortress can receive a blow from UNESCO which included Pamukkale in the List of World Heritage.

To eyes through some time it becomes sick from the constant blinding whiteness - by the way, the beginning of the movie Odyssey - the nymph Calypso`s halls - were removed there. I still thought, well where I already saw it?

Guides of all times and the people know that in order that wonder of the world indeed became miracle, played and began to sparkle, it is necessary to involve all channels of perception. Therefore besides that on legs mineral water continuously runs, and soles feel a surface roughness; besides a smell of the Turkish steppe and wet plaster; besides breath-taking landscapes and photoshoots, the legend is necessary.

In our case she did not keep itself waiting long. Our guide Mikael, having pensively rolled up the fine eyes, was about to start singing...

History of terrible - the prestrashny girl whom nobody took in marriage why she from the highest rock of Pamukkale rushed to the deepest terrace, in general, satisfied all. But it turned out that it was not the end at all.

The prince passing by on hunting well, already all guessed, huh?

Yes! Caught this unlucky idiot, brought to itself, cured by means of normal food and cosmetic procedures, fell in love and married.

It seemed to me that the female part of tourists listened to the end of history inattentively, and estimated as irreparably ugly it is necessary to look to jump from such height, even with prospect of a heppa - an enda?

And Mika declared that water and climate of Pamukkale promote fine complexion, elasticity of a body and - the catch was designed for men - to strengthening of sexual function.

By the way, nearby the German delegation for some reason scooped the accumulated plaster from a bottom of terraces and smeared to itself on faces - about it I heard nothing, and did not risk to carry on a mordasa belopesochny contents. What there naplyol the German-speaking guide - I do not know

Absolutely near Cotton fortress ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis Second century B.C The tombs ruined many centuries ago, the remains of the first Christian churches, the Roman aqueducts and big - a big Roman bath - too tmutarakansk ancient, in it now the museum. Well and, of course, an amphitheater - the most real, almost completely remained. It is simple not to tell what there the atmosphere I as will think that a century ago, on benches of this theater men sat and women, perhaps gossiped, walked the streets, did shopping in the market, sat in saunas - takes the breath away! Now from the city is visible not really much, in Turkey of money for excavation and restoration do not give, and these works are conducted by Italians or Germans, but, nevertheless, it is simple to touch what was done by people for the whole eternity to you - I do not know inexpressibly

In the same place, near the city, there is a thermal source of Cleopatra in which the legendary queen returned herself youth and equal complexion from time to time. Here I do not know whether Cleopatra had freckles or eels, but washing of skin in itself often gives a positive effect. And a source well that a source

Water temperature - 36 degrees, water to taste, as weak Tassay - indeed, probably, mineral, though To the people in this source sits as a sprat. All grandmas and aunts climb there in hope not to recognize themselves in a mirror next morning the fairy tale lie and in it a hint

I what overloaded with information there was no your consciousness - and during this excursion it, dare to assure you, more than once will expose you the message that all memory is occupied - one I can undoubtedly tell you: having seen Pamukkale, it is simply impossible to forget this place ]