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Mushrooms salads. How to prepare tasty snack?

Mushroom salads. Often on a holiday table you will see beautiful clearing from mushrooms. With what mushrooms you love? Champignons? Oyster mushrooms? White? Chanterelles? Milk mushrooms? Honey agarics? It is possible to buy already ready - marinated, tinned, it is possible from fresh or frozen to prepare tasty snack. It is possible also most to collect beforehand in the autumn wood. I offer you a full freedom of choice. And several successful recipes. They on a shoulder to any hostess - both skilled, and beginning.

" salad; Mushroom bast basket . Salad puff. Prepares on the eve of a celebration or a family feast. Round deep container is necessary. We cover it food wrap or a foil. We leave a stock of this film on each side. It is very carefully spread the whole equal mushrooms (I used marinated champignons) by a hat down. Legs have to to stick out . It will be the first layer of salad. The second - small cut green onions. Couple of bunches. Setochka from mayonnaise. The following layer - the boiled potatoes grated on a large grater. Mayonnaise. Further - ham long strips. Mayonnaise. The boiled eggs rubbed on a large grater. Again mayonnaise and the last layer - grated firm cheese. Dutch or Cheddar. In total. We close a film stock. We cover also in the refrigerator. Salad has to to mature . To be drawn. Directly before a feast we open a cover and accurately we overturn salad on a flat dish. Easily keeps a form - the film helps with it. She made the business - we delete her. As a result - it here the Bast basket as on a photo. Such salad as cake is displayed - by a rake it is cut deep into. Try! I observe success it is guaranteed.

Mushroom Russian salad. Of course, this salad does not apply for the classical recipe of Olivier. As, however, and all those salads which we got used to call this big name. The recipe is simple, fast and prepares just before giving. We fry mushrooms with onions. In this recipe oyster mushrooms or champignons are good. We cool. Small we cut three boiled potatoes and three hard boiled eggs cubes. We add two pickles and boiled carrots. Greens. Mayonnaise. Salad is ready. I call to a table!

Salad Mushroom with greens. This salad is eaten very first. Trained him both with fresh mushrooms, and with dried. Dried before roasting it is necessary to boil a little. Fresh or frozen small we cut and we fry. Separately we fry two heads of onions. As you will cut it - depends on your flavoring preferences. I like cutting of onions half rings more. It beautifully looks in salad. 100 grams of grated firm cheese. On a bunch of fennel and parsley - small we slice. Bank of sweet corn. We mix all this and we dress with mayonnaise. Mushrooms salads always go on hurrah .

Mushroom Fa - Salt. Quickly it is also very nutritious! Such salad can be made within 10 minutes. Fine breakfast or dinner. Without any additions. Independent and self-sufficient dish. Bank of red large beans, same on the capacity of bank of tinned champignons. We cut six average bulbs cubes and we fry in vegetable oil. Mushrooms plus haricot plus fried onions. We fill with seasoning - mix of herbs. In the markets is on sale. Armenian. It is possible, of course, and to do without it. Taste will be several another. Here too mayonnaise is added. Better facilitated. It is simple. It is tasty. It quickly.

" salad; Magnolia . This salad refuels vegetable oil. What? What you love to what got used. Tried to fill both olive, and walnut oil, and cedar oil. Most tasty with cedar - nutlets smells. Here too there is a tinned haricot and tinned champignons. The corn from a jar, several marinated cucumbers and a jar of green peas is added only to them. Not to add liquid from jars to salads. In total. Such here magnolia Try

. You create. Let everything at you surely will turn out!]