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Juice or not juice? Here in what a question! Whether to drink freshly squeezed juice?

How many times I swore myself an oath to begin new life since Monday! And began. Reconsidered own food for the purpose of weight loss and improvement, and also strenuously began to drink juice. Freshly squeezed.

But once when my stomach not too softly hinted me that my new life does not suit it, I reflected: and whether so fresh juices are useful? Whether also they are useful to all? And maybe, there are contraindications for some juice?

Ya went deep into special literature, and here that found out.

Senior Pomidor. All favourite tomato juice is extremely useful to

! Still, at the low-caloric content it has practically no contraindications. Unless at pancreatitis and cholecystitis they should not be fond especially. But it reduces risk of developing of oncological diseases, suppresses processes of rotting and fermentation in intestines and creates optimum conditions for high-quality assimilation of food in a stomach. Women during pregnancy and a lactation are simply obliged to drink tomato juice, it contains a huge amount of vitamins and useful substances.

You remember: you should not salt tomato juice though many and consider, what is so much more tasty. Salt seriously reduces all above-mentioned useful properties of tomato juice.

Beet passions. Blood formation, activity of nervous system, intestines - in these areas beet juice really works with

wonders. It is fine antidepressant, it is capable to take off instantly fatigue and to solve a sleeplessness problem. One problem: very few people will decide to drink it in pure form. Juice of beet is concentrated and saturated so that it can make some people even sick and vomiting, and also dizziness and attacks of the general weakness. For this reason it is worth drinking it divorced and for a start in the small portions: one - two tablespoons a day. By the way, it is almost only of all juice which is not recommended to be drunk freshly squeezed: before the use it needs to be defended in open ware in the refrigerator.

You remember: diseases of kidneys, stomach ulcer - a serious occasion to refuse beet juice forever.

Clockwork orange. the citrus juice Loved by us is capable to lighten

mood due to high content of vitamin C. There is in them both a potassium, and folic acid, and vitamin P. For this reason recommend to drink instead of a cup of coffee a glass of orange juice in the mornings.

But with citrus fresh juices it is worth being more careful, they are categorically contraindicated at stomach diseases and intestines owing to the acidity.

You remember: juice of grapefruit is incompatible with many types of medicines.

Rejuvenating apples.

Apple juice belongs to sour juice, and therefore with sore intestines and problems of digestion it is better for people not to experiment with it. But also the vitamin, and mineral composition of juice of apples is so various that it often as medicine is appointed at atherosclerosis, diseases of a liver, bladder, kidneys and an urolithic illness. Athletes drink apple juice quickly to recover from injuries and serious physical activities. Such juice with pulp is especially useful, in this case pectin remains as much as possible and is acquired better.

You remember: the people anxious with a problem of excess weight, apple juice should not abuse, and especially to drink it before food as it is rich with glucose and it is capable to kindle appetite.

Royal carrot.

Carrot juice - one of the most useful vegetable juice, the king among nectars, but it is not necessary to abuse it, nevertheless. A beta - carotene which is so useful to our sight is capable to overload a liver seriously. Vitamins of group B, potassium and still a number of the mineral substances which are contained in carrot juice it is useful at any manifestations of an immunodeficiency. To young people doctors recommend to drink morkovkin juice at problems with skin.

You remember: the droplet of vegetable oil added to carrot juice not only is desirable, but is even obligatory - without it a beta - carotene will not be acquired by your organism.

Nectar for Halloween.

the Queen of a holiday of All Saints pumpkin contains so many useful substances that its juice is accepted the whole medical courses. Pumpkin juice very much helps the people having diseases of kidneys and a liver, especially effectively to drink it at an urolithic illness. In combination with honey such juice proved as fine sleeplessness medicine.

Pumpkin juice is useful to everything, is contraindicated to nobody, here only not all love it. And it is a pity, it is a well and sucrose, and pectinaceous substances, salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, cobalt, copper, vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, E, a beta - carotene.

You remember: for the people suffering warmly - vascular diseases, there is no best way to cope with weakness and hypostases, than pumpkin juice. If you do not like its taste in pure form, then it is possible to mix it with other juice, it more tasty, and twice more usefully especially as pumpkin juice is combined with all berry, fruit and vegetable juice.

Curative rod.

Juice of grapes is capable to reduce significantly cholesterol and arterial pressure therefore it is very necessary to hypertensive persons. At nervous exhaustion, concern, a stress or a depression grape juice should be drunk regularly. Besides, this magic drink possesses bactericidal properties, is good diuretic and zhelchegonny means, and also is applied as laxative, sudorific and expectorant.

At the same time grape juice very much kaloriyen is also purely contraindicated to children of early age: it is capable to ferment in intestines and a meteorizm.

You remember: too tart and concentrated grape juice should be dissolved in half with boiled water, then all its qualities remain, and acidity decreases that does its meeting with a stomach and intestines of more friendly. What

juice you would not prefer, anyway it is worth following several rules a sokopitiya:

- should not drink juice directly before food or right after it: in 20 - 30 minutes prior to food drink a half-glass of juice and it will give you all the advantage most effectively for your organism;

- mix of fruit and vegetable juice not only is more tasty than each of them separately, but also is much more usefully and better acquired by an organism. It is only necessary to know what with what to mix.

- should not be added to fresh juice neither salt, nor sugar: the nature already enriched it with all necessary components and allocated with that optimum taste which it also has to possess.