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Turkish route: what, whenever possible, cannot be missed? Part 1

to Arrive to Turkey and not to see the city of Denizli, it is all the same, what to be in France and not to see Paris - so, in any case, during my stay on the Turkish earth one very amusing guide by the name of Mikael declared.

In Denizli, according to Mika, - four things, best in the world: textiles, fruit wine, factory of onyx and roosters who from own shout faint. What to explain a phenomenon of roosters with - nobody knows. But I very vividly imagine this water color - early morning, on a wattle fence of the Turkish log hut the rooster flies up, shouts to white eyes and then a pack falls from an eminence Also dies of concussion of the cock brains.

Workshops where cut out from onyx surprising beauty souvenirs, in Turkey, in general, not a rarity. But the museum and big factory of onyx is available only in Denizli. Here will show you how this mineral is processed and as do very beautiful product of not really interesting kamenyushka.

In our case it was egg on a support, and with us rehearsed all road to Mick`s factory: The Master will turn a product and will ask: what is it? you have to tell chorus - egg on a support! Not a bulb! And not the door handle! And egg! On a support! Then he will present it to somebody All rehearsed, but the master just took, turned and told that this product - no other than egg on a support As our ugly faces at all were extended We remembered, tried .

Wine pogrebok, in the suburb of Denizli where we were carried to taste fruit wines, the Turks who emigrated from the USSR and spurring toasts still hold as at the time of CPSU - it is capacious, with ukharsky eh! and politically correct bearded jokes.

Is, certainly, sight. Itself pogrebok is made very beautifully - in rural style, with very pure ducks, puppies, hookah arbors and telezhny wheels.

By the way, about telezhny wheels If I was asked that I would choose as a symbol of Turkey - I would not stop on a white half moon, red tarbooshes or the bent golden slippers at all I would choose telezhny wheel. Because cafes, gas stations, little shops - literally everything is decorated with the accessories which this are picturesquely suspended, leaned or just ownerlessly rolling

And so In a pogrebka of tourists seat in a pioneer circle and allow to taste astounding wine of seven grades. If to consider that before I did not imagine that it mulberry and badly remembered taste of blackberry berry, rare at us, - quite clear that I nadegustirovatsya so that there was a wish to sing songs, but in the head there was only some Georgian chorus.

On duty the host Vakhud, seemingly, got used to tourist attacks and in five minutes naprodavat to tourists of everyone - prevsyaky wine, a lukum and still some east sweets. At the same time without stopping chattering in excellent Russian and laughing.

As for textiles, to Denizli behind it there go not only shuttles from all over the world, but also Hollywood stars, both monarchical persons, and oligarchs. The factory where we managed to get, is something like the museum - gallery where it is possible and just to look at the extensive range and to be photographed against ancient stuff which is weaving looms of a tmutarakansky century and to choose to all members of household and colleagues gifts (there they are cheap and rather presentable) and to bargain with the sellers wandering about the hall, having reduced half the figure specified on price tags

In spite of the fact that from our hotel to Denizli and back a way took nearly nine hours - they passed unnoticed. Already coming back to hotel with the calling wine baskets, huge packages of plaids and towels, in oniksovy bracelets and busika, I completely agreed with our guide - to be in Turkey and not to see Denizli? Awful omission

To be continued]