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Legend of Creation of School of Life of

of the Fairy tale of the grandmother Sola.

In some time, in some space which people long since call the Internet, and the Slavic people - the RuNet, once upon a time there was a nice hero by the name of Maxim. Not without reason named it Maxim, that is the greatest because there was it the hero - the creative producer. He looked for, as well as all heroes, glory, the power and money, but in view of the noble nature looked for creatively and swore to himself that when finds, will wrap up the find on advantage to the RuNet people. For many years wanderings, fights and adventures were not in vain: it found that looked for. But how to carry out an oath, the nobility - did not know, to know - did not know.

Once, standing on top of one of mountains of the RuNet, he filled with a look open spaces at the foot of the mountain and saw the rivers, no, - rough streams from crowds of inhabitants of the RuNet which flew in different directions, were crossed, faced and scattered on certain citizens. Some streams flew on the roads belonging to it, but were not late in its space, leaving further and further with the burden. And the burden at everyone was one - a sack with the, only to it the belonging information.

It is necessary to tell that information in the RuNet - the main mineral. To tell the truth, and not a mineral, and - useful allocated inhabitants. From it make raw materials - information of the improved quality, and from raw materials manufacture information the most excellent. It can be eaten, without chewing and to drink, having fun, but not getting drunk.

And here dawned on the hero Maxim. Also the Inspiration and it that around all space, both mountain top, and the input equipment and a conclusion began to shine came to it. What if flows of people current in different directions to send these to one party, to reduce together and to relieve of mutual searches of sellers and buyers? That buyers could choose the best and the most necessary by it an allocation product? But not just raw materials, and finished high-quality product! Let`s note that the Inspiration, of course, was not fantastic, but economically true.

There is no mention whether the hero Maxim addressed oracles - tsifrolongist, kofegushcheologa, augurs, germenevtika and astronavtika, but it elected the meeting place of human streams that mountain on which to it the Inspiration came. Also he called the mountain School of Life, and hoisted the scarlet colors over its top, and put the person with a loud-hailer to shout in all ends of the RuNet of the Great event.

Also people on mountain top stretched. It was not simple to climb up: not all reached. But informed of a burden, managed to turn it into that high-quality product. Inspired with success, the hero did not provide one: the mountain turned into Babylon. And who sold who bought that he sold and that bought, it was impossible to understand. Also people began to grumble, and some developed in streams and began to flow from the mountain down.

The hero Maxim began to brood: which of living can construct crowds of people the correct ranks, manage to glance in all their sacks and to sort contents, to bring to reason storming sellers and buyers? Because he, though was a great hero, could not cope with such task. He in such cases wanted to snatch out the sword and... Therefore could not.

The inspiration still continued to work, and he saw...

In the place from where the Sun appeared, between the waterless desert and high mountains lived the Queen Pchyol. The name it was Marianna. Bitter named it from the birth because in those droughty countries was to bees not with pleasure. Unsweetened life taught her to work from dawn and to a decline, to be responsible and tolerant. And in addition the Queen Marianna was educated, clever and good herself.

Also the hero Maxim called it (speak, by means of a parateleportatsionist). Also she in hand and under a shade of the wings agreed to take the mountain Life. Wise men right there rummaged in the sacks and found that Marianna means a name not only bitter, and still - Superiority .

And it was moved since then. Flows of people climb up the mountain. Sellers sell, buyers buy. Life boils, but drunk is not present because honey, beer is drunk, and they do not get into a mouth because of their virtuality. Many sellers remain to live on the mountain because the clean mountain air and streams of heat proceeding from the trembling wings of the Queen Marianna create here unique climate which promotes allocation of a qualitative product. She teaches people to diligence and the diploma. It is patient with uneasy and is fair with debaters. It is helped by other kind bees, without swarm it would be difficult for the Queen.

And finally: there is a secret which can be opened because it already for anybody not secret... The Queen Marianna has a heart - the beehive full honeycombs, gold, incomparable ... Therefore is in it is mute the town to everyone who needs its support.]