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Whether there can be a dietary supplement dangerous? Germany.

So we, people, are arranged, attracts us new and novel: life seems better where we are absent ; exotic fruit - vitaminny; overseas gurus - are wiser; news from informal sources (who would doubt!) more truthfully.

All nothing if this our draft was limited to the harmless device of our house on fenshy increase of profitability of the companies exporting fruit and a pereskazyvaniye of that, as it actually was . But, as shows life, most risky we behave in relation to our health. It is sure, and among your acquaintances there are those who used an infallible remedy for weight loss in the fine ways of cleaning of an organism the newest opening of scientists for prevention of diseases (further the list on 2 pages the small text) . Generally, as they are called, dietary supplements.

We think that it - not drugs which one treat, and another cripple . These preparations are widely and solidly advertized that creates at us feeling of reliability, and, besides - safety. And if on you attacked the eloquent and well trained sales representative - not everyone (and the more so, not everyone) will be able to resist.

However truth first try, then trust though it is old as the world, did not lose the relevance. Here at least the history Germany - the rare-earth metal used in equipment, for example, in semiconductors and in production of special types of glass and which meets in some plants in the form of organic compound...

At the end of 60 - x years of the last century the Japanese scientist Kazukhiro Asai read the report of scientists from Russia about the improbable therapeutic value of this substance. Such opportunities in treatment of oncological diseases were described that in 1969 Asai based and headed the Tokyo Institute of Studying Germany. Thanks to its researches the technology of receiving organic compound Germany, identical to what is in plants was developed. By the way, it was revealed what germaniye is present at a chemical composition of such known herbs as a ginseng, garlic, an aloe and a delphinium, in tubular mushrooms and lichens. The fact that plants in which it was found germaniye were widely used in nonconventional medicine in the regions, including for treatment of oncological diseases, allowed to assume that just existence Germany and is the reason of their medicinal properties. to Assume

, I will notice. And meanwhile from these assumptions far-reaching conclusions are drawn, and production of the dietary supplement containing germaniye begins. Why dietary supplement? It should not be certified as strictly as it becomes with drugs. The huge number of researches, including about interaction with other substances is not required. Time and money of the producer are not spent. And you never heard in advertizing interviews about new dietary supplements of such explanation of the fact that miracle medicine just registered as a bioadditive to avoid red tape ? However, explain it not with desire to begin to earn quicker, but desire somewhat quicker to bring benefit to us.

On sale organic germaniye can meet under the names Ge - 132 and vitamin 0, spreads on the Internet and firms of network marketing.

K. Asai were made assumptions of the possible mechanism of action of connections Germany. But the competent explanation of the physicist - chemical, besides, estimated, processes will not replace full studying of behavior of substance in an organism. In 80 - x years such research was undertaken by the American Management on food and drugs. By its results the USA forbade import organic Germany as a biological additive.

What revealed checks? Germany was extremely toxic for kidneys and caused ineradicable, even fatal renal failure. Besides, increased toxicity of the drugs having collateral reaction impact on kidneys. The promised antineoplastic action was not registered, and research was stopped from - for a large number of side effects and absence of positive results on the main diagnosis. It is impossible to define, than toxicity of dietary supplement is caused: organic germaniye or " impurity; inorganic . The way of production does not allow to get rid of them absolutely. It is impossible to tell precisely - whether there are impurity in bought by you organic Germany, or not. And cases of toxic, effects hazardous to health, were registered also at those who accepted purer preparation.

And though dietary supplement with a germaniye can still be bought, Management on food of the USA, for example, strongly recommends not to accept it, to especially pregnant women, in view of serious risk of health hazard. Many will tell - at drugs, especially powerful which treat serious diseases, there are collateral and quite toxic effects too. But these effects are studied, described, long-term researches are devoted to it. And such drugs everything are are written out by the doctor, proceeding from a ratio of advantage and danger to an organism.

So - do not trifle of dietary supplements, health at us - one set for the rest of life! Protect it!]