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How to eat on properly - Chinese? Almost every time when I come back from China, my acquaintances ask

: Well that, gorged on sushi? . And I once again explain that sushi, or sushi in Japanese, this not so Chinese dish that Chinese do not love Japanese cuisine that food at them absolutely another etc. In Moscow it is fashionable to

to go on Japanese for a long time - to the Chinese restaurants, to eat sushi, sashimi, beaters and to think that it is part of the Chinese life too. It is almost impossible to find in China Chinese - the Japanese restaurant. Separately there will be the Chinese restaurant, separately - Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc. Even at the Chinese restaurants of the menu will strongly differ, depending on the province or the city which kitchen is presented there.

So how to eat on properly - Chinese? Let`s begin with the fact that for Chinese lunch time - special. School students, students, employees of public institutions leave on a break at midday again to get to work or study only at two o`clock in the afternoon. In the large companies, business - the centers the lunch lasts hour and is obligatory. Chinese do not like to eat

alone. As a rule, ten sit at a big round table the person - fifteen Chinese who all two hours of a lunch break eat one dish behind another, discussing at the same time affairs essential. In the middle of a table the turning disk on which viands are exposed. Each person is given a plate, a small drinking bowl for soup, a spoon, sticks.

At first give cold dishes: sprouts of beans, salad from an asparagus, rep, a radish, meat cutting, roasted peanuts, wood mushrooms, rice noodles and others so-called lyantsay . Sometimes as a cold dish bring the crackling jellyfishes or still something what it is better not to know about when you eat it.

Then expose hot. Waiters bring one plate for another so the table literally breaks. Here the variety of meat - mutton, beef with onions, a duck with rice flat cakes, chicken in turned sour - sweet sauce, pork ears. Here various fish, squids, octopuses, eels, tiger shrimps in batter. Only begins to seem that you will not be able to eat more a piece as suddenly on a table come up the Chinese pelmeni, baotsza or tszyaotsza, with a different stuffing. Unless it is possible not to try?

Chinese not supporters of desserts and in general sweet. Favourite Chinese sweets - red or green beans with ice cream, the sweet rice or small cakes from rice broth, tomatoes in caramel, chestnuts filled with something like mayonnaise fruit salad. Though, of course, there are also dishes more habitual to a stomach of the European: apples, bananas, pineapples or pears in hot caramel. You dip fruit into cold water then caramel hardens and very tasty candy turns out.

Nevertheless, at traditional Chinese restaurant for a dessert most likely will serve you soup. Soup can be cooked from the head or a tail of fish whose trunk you ate on the second. Also pads of chicken, a mutton bone, tofu or even a coco can form a soup basis.

But it is not the end yet. After the second hour of a meal, the obliging personnel of restaurant will bring sweetish corn porridge or rice broth. Eat, dear visitors, do not refuse to yourself anything.

Should notice that meal is followed by active consumption of green tea, or tea water. For dinner, especially with guests, Chinese like to drink beer or vodka. And instead of bread bring to each visitor a drinking bowl with sticky rice.

Approximately the usual lunch on - Chinese so looks. It is good or is bad - it is impossible to tell. More likely, such image of food is not really habitual to us. But nevertheless it is worth sitting out at least once all this ceremony from beginning to end, to try each dish that on itself to feel that Chinese eat everything that creeps, floats and flies... Except tanks, submarines and planes! ]