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We cut through a window to Europe or how to be connected to the Internet? Part 1.

Hello. Today to find the person who does not have access to the World Web at least via the modem very difficult. Without exaggeration it is possible to tell that the Internet became an integral part of life of people as, for example, the TV or the cell phone. Surprisingly, but the majority the Internet - users is not even suspected that except usual modem and ADSL - access, there is still a huge number of opportunities to be connected to the Network. About the most known and exotic from them we will also talk today.

Standard set

of Modem access:

Long ago - long ago when the Internet was not so popular and not at all users it was, the modem was nearly only means for an entrance to the Global Web. There were years. The Internet is popular, it is necessary to all, ways of connection to it great variety, but the modem still faces independently other more practical and convenient methods of connection to the Network. At least, in our country - precisely. And business here even not that modem connection cheaper to cost to users (especially as it not so), just nobody wants to penetrate into knowledge of new technologies. And why, always near at hand there is a right box called by the modem which, despite the modest sizes, has huge potential: manages in several minutes properly to fray nerves to the owner, continually without dialing to provider or tearing off communication each three minutes. However, if except web - surfing more nothing is necessary to you, then the modem, certainly, the excellent choice.

To be connected to the Internet via the modem, is necessary very little: phone line, provider and, actually, modem, external or internal - it doesn`t matter. Pervo - napervo we will decide on modem model. Here, strangely enough, a lot of things depend on quality of phone line (shortly: Automatic telephone exchange). Remember: the line is worse, the requirements to the equipment are higher. If you are dissatisfied with quality of your phone line, then it is better to buy expensive, but high-quality modem for $150-250.

Having chosen the modem and provider, it is worth deciding on your purposes. Ask a question as often you are going to connect to the web and make the approximate plan of expenses. Let`s tell if you daily spend several hours of the precious time for the Internet, then it will be difficult to keep within a framework of $30 a month. Unlimited &ndash will help to finish with these problems; unlimited Internet access at the established price. In Russia many companies - providers provide such services, but in them there are certain minuses. Generally unlimited access is provided in, so-called, low-active time. For example, at night or during the week-end. It is natural if in the afternoon you are busy, working or studying, then night - ideal time for what to polazit on Internet open spaces. But here if you treat that part of the population which at work climbs in the afternoon the World Web and in parallel works, and sleeps at night, then unlimited will not bring you any benefit. So you approach the choice of a tariff with all responsibility.

So that at us turns out as a result? Modem access, certainly, predominates in Russia due to the simplicity of connection and further use: connected only couple of provodok - also it is ready, you can use. However you will not conceal a pricker in a bag. Modems technically became outdated, in them there are a lot of shortcomings: low speed, unreliability. You should not forget also that the modem occupies phone line in operating time in the Network. However, I will repeat if you except information search on the Internet need nothing, then the modem will become your best friend.

of ADSL - access:

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) - in translation, an asymmetric digital subscriber line. The ADSL technology practically differs in nothing from modem. But differences all - are: in - the first, in ADSL there is more than the speed of data transmission (to 8 Mbit / from aside subscriber, to 1,5 Mbit / with - from the subscriber). In - the second, phone in operating time is not engaged in the Network that, undoubtedly, pleases. Pluses it is available. However to be content with all benefits of mankind, it is necessary to try properly, to establish ADSL at home or at office - difficult task.

What the technology of a digital subscriber line is? Let`s try to explain on fingers . Word subscriber not for nothing is registered in ADSL abbreviation. The matter is that on both ends of a subscriber line (both the user, and phone line) the special devices called by splitters are installed. Main objective of splitters - to divide data flows on frequency. The splitter has the sockets intended for connection to it a home telephone number and ADSL - the modem. Thus, exactly thanks to splitters phone in operating time will not be engaged in the Network.

But not all as shokoladno as can seem at first sight. In - the first, the cost of connection varies from $200-500 to $800-1200; in - the second, all &ndash accessories will cost much; ADSL - the modem, the network interface card and the other equipment. But in this situation there are also pluses: the monthly fee makes about $40-100 a month together with 1 Gbyte of a traffic. Plus to you is provided by all benefits, it seems all of bonuses and discounts from provider.

the Allocated channels:

Let`s begin with already obvious pluses at once. More precisely, plus - that only one - speed. No, seriously, as if did not extol dedicated line the highest speed of data transmission - that`s all what this way of connection to the Internet gives you. However, if to look at all this on the other hand, then not everything is so bad. Judge for yourself: phrase to download all Internet with the allocated channel can gain absolutely other value. What owners of ADSL - connection download for hours, and even days, and modemshchik up to the funeral, you receive it in a flash. Any excess hassle.

From other party, hassle will arise, most likely, during connection of the allocated channel or when the turn comes to count costs of the Internet. Bend fingers: in - the first, the high cost of connection; in - the second, in connection with the technical complexity connected with laying of the copper cable intended for connection of the computer to the Network (it does not belong to radio channels as they do not demand the tangible communication line), work on laying can drag on for long, long weeks or even months; in - the third, at the majority of providers of the price for use dedicated line are strictly limited, and terms of payment are not always pleasant for the user. For example, if the provider uses restriction of average loading of the channel, then the sum of payment for the Internet will depend on the average speed of data transmission for any period (month/week). First of all, it is good not to eat it for users, according to more than 70% from them in the Network do not watch, what is the time they will see off on the Internet, and especially do not watch statistics of the account. The benefit, for the most inattentive the tariff on restriction of a traffic is provided. Rules of a tariff are clear as clear as a day: together with provider you stipulate the volume of data which you can send and accept in a month within the determined sum. For excess of this volume, on you will be to be hung up debts for everyone superfluous megabyte. Certainly, the second option more preferable, however generally the providers providing services of the allocated channels, horror as are greedy to money and for everyone superfluous the megabyte is punished not kopek, and even not ruble at all. However, if you are able to use expediently the Internet, then it is possible to find the tariff suitable for you.

Today we cannot present our life without World Web any more. Newspapers, magazines and even television fade into the background, the Internet becomes more and more popular. And if all of you are not a happy owner of this small happiness yet, then it is already time to reflect over it acquisition . The choice of ways of connection to the Internet is big and huge. Good luck!