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How to prolong service life of the microwave oven?

People so quickly get used to good that now many hostesses do not even represent how they could do without microwave oven. In the people it is called simpler - a microwave. It can be found in every twelfth kitchen of the world. It is very convenient and simple type of the kitchen equipment in application.

Often in life so happens that getting hungry, and to warm up food or to defreeze semi-finished products or laziness, or there are no forces. Especially as to heat food on a plate is long, and on defrosting of semi-finished products hours leave. Having houses a microwave of a problem of heating or a defrosting it is possible to solve quickly and easily.

On sale a set of various furnaces simple and difficult in which there is both a double boiler, and a grill. Yes! Be not surprised: in a microwave it is possible to fry quietly an appetizing chicken a grill.

American P. B. Spencer in 40 - x years of the last century constructed the microwave oven, and it is absolutely casual. He conducted researches with a radar and noticed that under the influence of radiation at it in a pocket chocolate bar melted. And in 1949 according to its patent in the USA the first furnace for a defrosting of strategic stocks of products was manufactured. It weighed 400 kg.

Too pleased Japanese new a miracle - an oven, and in 1962 " firm; ShARP let out the option of a microwave. And the oven gained world recognition. Our furnaces appeared rather recently, in 80 - x.

That the microwave to you long and regularly served, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules.

The furnace is installed on a horizontal surface by not lower than 90 cm from a floor, from a wall there has to be a distance not less than 10 - 15 cm, and from above it is not less than 30 cm. Not to turn the furnace, put it so that to the table edge there were not less than 10 cm

If on an oven air vents are located, then to them there has to be an obligatory access of air. Do not put the furnace near the refrigerator, the distance between it and the furnace has to be not less than 40 cm

to Prepare in the furnace better in special ware, but it is possible to use also usual. The ware from a stone, ceramics, heat-tolerant glass will approach. The ware from ceramics and a stone needs to be checked before use for durability. I know from experience that the ceramics can break up. The ware from the brown ceramics containing a lot of iron strongly shields - contents and are warmed quicker, than food.

But do not use metal, silver, glazurirovanny ware (faience), perhaps short circuit, electric discharges. Do not use fusible plastic ware.

Do not turn on the empty furnace! It can fail. Do not put a product weighing less than 200 g in the furnace. You want to warm sandwich - put together with it in the furnace a glass with water. You remember, the furnace can fail in a few minutes if you try to make in it popcorn, without having put in the furnace at least half a glass of water

the Oven it is necessary to clean after each preparation of food in it. Just wipe with a damp rag. Cleaning the furnace, do not use the detergents containing abrasive and toxic agents. They can corrode a furnace surface.

A glass little table if it is in the furnace, wash up soap water, dry wipe and only then put back in the furnace. Wipe the top part of the furnace with a soap sponge, and then wet towel wipes. (The display with buttons) wipe a door and the touch panel with a wet towel wipes or a rag.

Do not allow a skaplivaniye of crumbs, fat on laying between a door and the case. To remove the dried-up spots of fat and the dried-up food remains, put a glass with water in the furnace and boil it 5 minutes. The water boiled in it with a lemon will relieve of unpleasant smells in the furnace.

When cleaning do not touch air vents, and also a cardboard which closed the magnetron.

You hold a door of the furnace closed. The door has to be densely pressed to the furnace case. Do not allow depressurization.

Prepare products accurately according to the instruction, it is no more than specified time, otherwise your food will ignite. Pierce firm products before preparation by a fork, a needle, a toothpick, otherwise they can blow up. Do not cook first courses in the furnace!

Also it is not necessary to dry in a microwave socks and wet cats, and that there were clever men capable and on it.

If you manage to follow these simple rules, the furnace will please you for many years! Good luck!]