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How to adjust itself on a monetary wave?

you sometime talked to themselves? Many people hear a positive internal voice which encourages them, especially when they act correctly. It as though internal support group which shouts: You are able to do it! Dare!, You coped! Keep in there! You have such internal voice? At some people the internal voice is much more skeptical: For whom you take yourself? You are not capable of it! Well and blockhead! Why you are such stupid? You there is nothing it is not suitable! You are such clumsy! .

Sometimes this internal pessimist forces to refuse forever your dreams, and you even not always realize it. You are lit up fine by idea, and right there in the head begins to knock: Yes, but then the stream of the reasons follows for which your idea is doomed to a failure.

I call this voice Mr. Dano because he always tries to dissuade you from some step. However, from some steps you really should be dissuaded. So Mr. Dano can play a positive role - trying to protect you, to save from trouble. But very often this Mr. (or Mrs.) reacts too hasty, without giving vent to your creative energy. Deceitfully calling itself a voice of reason, Mr. Dano tries to nip new idea in the bud, without allowing it to develop.

If you do not take in hand the Mr. Dano, he can become the reason of unnecessary alarms, confusions in thoughts, he is capable even to affect your health and to ruin you. In such situations you need to learn to muffle this negative voice and to restore control over the thinking.


Listen to the optimistical internal voice. From where it reaches? It loud or silent? Present that there is a certain rychazhok allowing to regulate the loudness of an internal voice. Increase loudness. How do you feel? Try to pick up such loudness which will motivate you, to induce you to try very much.

Now listen to a negative voice. From where it goes? As soon as you notice that Mr. Dano takes the power over your thoughts, switch off a sound. Note that you feel at the same time.

There is one more good means to calm down Mr. Dano. Find houses or at work a wide elastic band. Put on the left wrist it turns into the Tutor Millionerov. How? Every time when you catch yourself on negative or counterproductive thought, click an elastic band on a hand. Yes it is sick and pain causes switching of thoughts. About yourself or even aloud tell: Oh! .

Click yourself every time when the internal voice speaks to you :

I cannot afford it.

It is outside my competence.

Ya is not rather good.

Ya is not worthy.

Ya I cannot make it.

Ya is insufficiently clever. I do not know

Ya what to begin with.

U have not enough of me communications.

Replace internal dialogue with such remarks :

I will find whom to contact. I will begin

Ya with the fact that I am able.

Ya is rather clever to understand.

Ya I am able to do it.

Ya is worthy it.

Ya is rather good.

It in my competence.

Ya I can afford it if really I want it.

As you can see, the equipment is very simple. You carry an elastic band on a wrist within 30 days, - without removing neither for the night, nor under a shower. When on your left wrist the red hem is formed, you will begin to change the behavior easily. Nobody, except you, needs to know how you do it. This method works quickly - within a month. And when results pleasantly will surprise you, tell about this surprising equipment at least to three best friends.

Your thoughts have force to bear a damnation or blessing your life. They can bring you prosperity, abundance, wellbeing or need, deprivations, poverty. The choice for you. You operate the thoughts. Your thoughts operate your acts. Your acts operate results which you receive.

Put on a hand of the Tutor Millionerov and click, click yourself, forcing themselves to change a way of life, to improve its quality. Thus, you do not miss chance to become on the way of the Brightened-up Millionaire.]