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How to make alcohol is hotter?

Someone loves vodka, someone cognac. And to someone forty degrees a little. There is a wish for something more hotly.

Hot alcoholic drinks, i.e. the drinks warmed to high temperature came to us, generally from the cold northern countries. The grog, mulled wine, punch came to us from Ireland, Iceland, England, the Scandinavian countries.

Drink hot alcohol for a sugreva and for a tone raising. The warmed red dry wine is useful at cold. It follows from this that hot alcoholic drinks are drunk also in the medical purposes. But be not overzealous!

Now is more detailed about each of hot drinks and a way of their preparation.

Mulled wine for

Mulled wine is prepared, generally their dry red wine. But also from white it can be done too. Mulled wine in translation means the flaring " wine; - very much to the place in a cold season.

The main principle of preparation of mulled wine - that wine did not begin to boil. The maximum degree of a warming up - 70. Add to mulled wine various spices, for example, cinnamon, and also sugar. Here several recipes of preparation of mulled wine.


will be required to you 1 liter white or red dry wine, 250 ml of water, 3 - 4 asterisks of a carnation, 2 yolks, 4 tablespoons of sugar. Yolks to pound

with sugar. To separately boil wine, water, to add a carnation. To put the yolks pounded with sugar on small fire and a thin stream, stirring slowly, to add wine mix with water. Mix has to be hotter. Then to shake up yolks with wine before formation of foam. Not to bring to boiling!


It is required to you for preparation of 40 ml of rum, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 50 ml of white wine, is a little cinnamon, a lemon dried peel, raisin, it is desirable without stones.

put raisin In a pan and water it with rum, let will inflate. Warm other components and in the warmed look water with them raisin. Naturally, you do not bring to boiling. Drink is ready.


Punch consists of wine, rum, juice, sugar, and spices. It is usually given burning, set fire before giving for what on drink pour from above strong rum and set fire.

At preparation of punch it is not necessary to pour hot water into rum or cognac, from it punch loses aroma. Sugar should be dissolved in hot water, but not in boiled water.

Here one of recipes of preparation of punch.


to Mix cognac, vodka, liqueur, lemon juice, orange juice, sugar syrup, dry champagne. All components take somewhere 20 - 30 ml, it is slightly less juice by quantity, and champagne about 60 - 70 ml. Put in a glass on a bottom ice and pour out your mix in a glass. From above put a lemon.

Is served punch in the glasses which are warmed up to 70 degrees or in tea cups.

A grog

the Grog came to us from England, called drink in honor of the admiral Vernon known as Grogrem. It the admiral got a nickname because that carried by the ship a cape from waterproof " fabric; grogrem . The grog easily becomes.

For a lemon grog take lemon vodka - 40 ml, liqueur - 15 ml, 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, hot water - 100 ml, a lemon piece. All components mix

and pour in a glass, on edge of a glass hang up a lemon piece.

For a dairy grog take cognac - 40 ml, rum - 20 ml, 2 teaspoons of liqueur (on the taste), hot milk - 100 ml. Everything mix

and pour out in a glass.


of 40 ml of water, 2 teaspoons of sugar, 20 ml of red wine, 40 ml of rum, are a little nutmeg.

Dissolve sugar in water, then add rum and wine, warm mix, but you do not bring to boiling. In a glass pour a grog, add a muscat and it is possible to hang up a lemon piece on a glass.

Pleasant pastime behind a glass of hot drink!]