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That it is better for resolution of conflict: cooperation, avoiding or compromise?

How quickly to get rid of a conflict situation? How to resolve the conflicts so that not to regret subsequently?

Everything depends on to what style of behavior to adhere. In psychology five main strategy which people use during the conflict are described. This simple, but capacious classification was developed by K. U. Thomas and R. H. Kilmenn.

Competition strategy is a position of force. People for whom it is the most important own interests resort to strategy of rivalry or the competition. At the same time interests of the opposite side are not taken into account.

In order that the relations proceeded further, other person participating in this conflict will be forced to resort to style of adaptation. If you choose style of the competition, then you take or try to take the dominating position. Consider that along with it you assume full responsibility for the made decision. You can safely use this style if are absolutely confident in fidelity of the decision. Resort to it in that case when you have nothing to lose, and also if you possess for a victory sufficient resources - for example the status, the authority.

What people resort to style of rivalry more often?

Authoritative leaders;

the Effective leaders using authoritative style as one of management styles;

People, for which the end justifies the means that is achievement of the purposes is more important than relationship;

Conflict persons who doubt themselves eternally and try to ego-trip at the expense of a victory in the conflict with others.

Strategy of adaptation is the victim. Using this style, you sacrifice the interests for the sake of the embodiment of interests of the opposite side. When it is worth using it? When you want to solve, by all means, the conflict, and your opponent adheres to rivalry strategy. In case it is more important than the relation for you, than own interests. Choose this style if you are not right. If you consider that only this strategy will help you with the conflicts, then if you were hit on one cheek, set up the second!

If you want to avoid the conflict at any cost, then evasion strategy serves best of all than this purpose . The person who chose this style of behavior does not defend the opinion, but also does not promote a prize of the opposite side. To use avoiding strategy - it means to pretend that nothing occurred. Or to present that someone waved a magic wand, and the conflict situation disappeared by itself as though it also was not.

The conflict at the same time can remain to exist, but latently, and over time to turn into the hidden conflict. If the conflict is resolved by means of this strategy of behavior, then the relations do not move ahead further, on the following level. Therefore it is suitable for conventional attitudes more. Strategy of avoiding is very useful if clash on empty trifles if you have no opportunities to achieve the solution of the conflict in favor of the interests if you are sure that only time will sort things out if you do not want to take the responsibility for the decision. This strategy will help you to save time and forces.

Style of a compromise assumes achievement of a consent at the expense of reciprocal concessions. This style less constructive, than style of cooperation, but too is favorable. When using this style both parties remain as equals positions, though their interests will be satisfied not completely but only partially. To this style quite there corresponds the proverb better a titmouse in a hand, than a crane in the sky . It will be most acceptable for participants of the conflict when the matter of time is particularly acute, and it is necessary to reach a consent quickly, without long reflections and talk.

Cooperation strategy is most constructive as it is directed to the fullest satisfaction of interests of both parties. But she demands time and efforts of both parties. This style most promotes long relationship and is based on mutual respect. If to resolve the conflicts by means of this style, then the personal involvement into the relations will even more amplify, so, also the motivation to the joint solution of the purposes and tasks in the future will amplify.

What people resort to style of cooperation more often?

the Effective leaders using style of cooperation as one of management styles;

the People respecting equally both the interests, and interests of the opponent, at the same time confident in the correctness;

Those who are interested in development of the relations.

Any of the listed strategy is not bad or get prettier in itself. Each of them leads to realization of the different purposes. Efficiency of strategy will depend on a situation. Choose the!]