Rus Articles Journal

Green color - favourite color (Marianna Vlasova). Davny - long ago I somewhere subtracted

that green color is preferred by geniuses. In examples there was a desk green lamp of Ilyich, but I, nevertheless, became proud - it is my most favourite color in all its shades. I even the traffic light always, the pedestrian being, I wait - green. Yes, once again to look on green among all others. Officially and correctly.

The teapot boils equally - both at me, and at it. And exactly an every evening I get immemorial to a neskafa, just because got used and without it I do not think any more. And every evening - kitchen at a window. The floor - the first or fifth, and types respectively - on a site or on the neighboring nine-storey building. And we sit, at both legs always freeze. I am able to knit. She is able to treat with tremendous mushrooms of own preparation and - letcho. Cats - mine - it, I already begin to be confused in names - to the problems and philosophy. We - with the. Breaking all stereotypes, I declare officially: we do not gossip and extremely seldom we discuss somebody. Only on business. Also there is a lot of us. And exactly an every evening - without days off and breaks - we together.

We endured two attacks between mine 4 - m and 5 - m vertebras and one release of my book. We endured repair in its kitchen and finding of a cat of Afoni. We are always glad each other, and again splashes a pimpochka the electric kettle.

Not so long ago I reflected that friends can even quite appear also in adulthood. More likely, it is even logical. Those who were to me true friends in the childhood - changed in a big way, they have interests, a profession, life and a manner of communication. But when suddenly, mistrustfully so, you begin to communicate with the new acquaintance and understand that you see the world almost equally; when you are engaged in one business, you love one books and equally you look sideways towards the guarantor; when there is enough wisdom to understand what at everyone the features and character a lung does not happen When suddenly as you find huge warm amber in the ooze which through became permeated with the smell of the correct balance of iodine - you meet really tremendous person. Aha, here it. My friend, I will jealously notice.

And here, we observe from the windows as people approach our houses, rattling access doors as cars between the private yards are parked. Someone comes for a long time, someone is mistaken the address. Someone lives here. We look out of the window and we drink tea - coffee. And all it is good. And let so will be. Aha?

Such here picture. As and here green " color;? Besides that it - in Voronezh, and I - in Irkutsk. But every evening we together. We work in the most distant offices of ShZh, behind the general pages and smilies. And every evening we see each other in to ICQ . In the green color.

Happy birthday, Marianna! I Think, knock of spokes nevertheless is well heard From me - zelyono - a brick jacket.]