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For what to collect a puzzle? The Grandmother already baked

pies, the father looked at soccer, mother misses with the book on a sofa long ago, and to children bothered to play computer games.

Than to do to a family at a leisure, long in the evening that it was not only the entertainment interesting to all, but also brought benefit to adults and children, developed figurative and deductive thinking, and also attention, memory, imagination?

To collect all family behind collecting of a puzzle. And then this object of collective creativity can be hung up on a foreground in the house. At my acquaintance in a bedroom Gioconda who is brought together from a puzzle hangs. Great Da Vinci would know as use his work in art of collecting of puzzles! The biggest puzzle in the world is also Mona Lisa put from a tile. you Want to collect by

the work of pazlovy creativity?

Then safely start all family and feel like aristocrats, quite so they were amused in the 18th century and thanked for toy John Spilsberi, the London dealer in maps who thought up the new manual.

So, as you can see, by means of puzzles it is possible to study and develop, playing at what at once all family, assembling, for example, the card if children have problems with geography, within decades puzzles were used only for maps.

Then their began to use and for studying of other objects, in particular puzzles from the chronological table with dates of government of the English kings and queens remained.

After you collect ten puzzles and you will get the hand, this occupation can seem to you habitual and boring. For this purpose it is worth diversifying family quiet collecting of puzzles present with tournaments on the speed and dexterity. You are divided into teams, think out prizes for winners and begin competitions, then days off will definitely not pass boringly and routinely.

Well and for full belief, some more words about advantage of such entertainment.

According to psychologists, game in puzzles promotes development of figurative and logical thinking, any attention, perception, in particular, to distinction of separate elements on color, a form, the size etc.; learns to perceive correctly communication between part and whole; learns to see big in small, develops small motility of a hand and trains observation .

And except all these poleznost, there is one more advantage - on a wall the bright picture to which members of all your family literally laid hands will flaunt.]