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How not to become TV - the zombie ?

Television entered our life more than half a century back, and now we cannot imagine day without favourite transfer or series any more. Sometimes it seems that now honor everything - even ancient old women - with greed peer at plots of everyones Emergencies remember details and then willingly savor them with neigbours on a small bench near an entrance, allegedly complaining about what nightmares are created around.

But, fortunately, I met also people who confessed that for a long time almost do not watch TV, especially all these gruesome transfers: only you will be upset once again. And here that entertainingly: most often it were very successful, healthy people with which to communicate - it is a pleasure! Perhaps it with an ulterior motive?

People watch greedily as they quarrel to blue in the face in Let speak heatedly stand up from sofas when Lolita in the day show Without the " complexes; does the next attack to one of the husbands, in several news keep the eyes glued on the accidents which happened in a day and think: Well, where this time shook, blew up, filled in? .

Such culture deafens, exhausts. From the TV you creep away, of anything - only to sleep not capable. Perhaps to someone it is good that own problems seem smaller, insignificant. But thanks to this to replacement die off live emotions, and we receive a new type of the person - insensible, frozen in relation to and the relatives, nervous, izderganny, but all the same reaching for the screen as the zombie in search of something else that it will touch will force to feel almost live for a while...

People for some reason need shock irritants: changes, setups trade in children, pedophilia and sexual maniacs, vandalism and sensational details about stars. Information shocks and clings, and tomorrow her consumer ransacks in search of experiences again. There is an accustoming further - only shock irritants can concern. It is already dependence, drug.

Violence scenes on TV can affect mentality of the person, but more it belongs to the category of stressoneustoychivy people. And generally it is children and elderly people. They take events very much to heart. Children owing to lack of human life experience are more sensitive to such powerful influence, especially to telecasts with violence.

It does not mean that to watch TV badly or harmfully. The television trains, broadens horizons, entertains, weakens, takes away from oppressive reality, allows to enjoy fine. However even the person understanding that it would be necessary to spend less time at the screen often can do nothing with himself.

But it is important to understand one: all this in the " TV; it is created only in order that to grab you and not to release, not to allow you to switch off box or to switch to the competing canal. Over time you are disaccustomed to feel really, the mood begins to change wavy: shock during the next plot, and then - indifference... How many - how many there people at a tornado in North America died? ...

When at heart light-and it is joyful when there is a business to which you direct all efforts and thoughts, requirements in to a seamy side no. In human nonsense, hatred, dirt there is nothing unusual. Whether they are necessary to you? Solve. So far it is final not sat down on emotions which will bring nothing good to you.

I consider so: life we one, also have affairs more interesting, than to spend time near box .]