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How I saw several Devik Rani and one Svyatoslav Ryorikh at once?

B 70 - e years when I was the graduate student of the Kazan university, was engaged in myossbauerovsky researches of natural minerals. Closely cooperated with scientists of Institute of geology of ore fields of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Approximately time in two months came to them to Moscow for discussion of already received results and planning of new experiments. The Internet then, thank God, yet was not.

The institute was located almost in the center of Moscow, in Zamoskvorechye, in Staromonetny Lane. My colleagues could not always give me the whole day, and I went out for a walk. Spent nearly all free time in " bookstore; Young Guard located on the neighboring street the Big clearing. The shop even to the Moscow measures was very big, and I could spend there at once several hours. And then carried a heavy linking of books to Kazan.

That day I already visited bookstore, and I should have carried out somewhere an hour and a half. And I went to other neighboring lane - Lavrushinsky. Decided to come into the Tretyakov gallery. In the middle of weekday was to few people there. Entered some big hall and saw small group of people, approximately from seven people. In its center the high gray-haired old man and a thick induska in national clothes were allocated. The old man told something, showing on pictures. I looked round and recognized Ryorikh`s pictures by characteristic plots and bright paints. The old man was Svyatoslav Nikolaevich Ryorikh, and an induska - his wife Devikaya Rani.

They stood just about several portraits of Devika Rani of different years, since the middle of the fortieth. And Svyatoslav Nikolaevich remembered how they then got acquainted as portraits were drawn. Answered questions of attendees. Specified something at the wife in English. To my emergence this excursion already came to an end. Ryorikh began to say goodbye to attendees. People stretched to Svyatoslav Nikolaevich cards with reproductions of his pictures for autographs. Sets of these cards as it appeared later, were on sale in the foyer. I have nothing suitable with myself was, and I with shame stretched just white sheet of paper. Svyatoslav Nikolaevich undersigned. I was taken impudence and asked to undersign also to Devik of Rani. Others for some reason ignored it.

I never collected autographs and here just gave in to a herd instinct. Then I presented someone this double autograph. And now I think if I took autographs from people whom it happened to meet for many years - the price would not be this collection. Some of my Kazan colleagues have, for example, not just autographs of the artist Konstantin Vasilyev, and and small sketches of their persons with the signature of the author.

On January 30 15 years as Svyatoslav Nikolaevich Ryorikh is not with us are executed. About it it is possible to find a lot of information in the Internet. About his spouse is written less. She was born in a family of the high-ranking medical officer. Her mother - the cousin of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore. Studied at private London school to music, theater, design, architecture. There in 1928 met the Indian actor and the director to Himansh Ry and married him in 1929. From 1933 to 1943 acted in at film. After death of the husband in 1940 itself shot movies. In 1944 got acquainted with Svyatoslav Nikolaevich Ryorikh and in 1945 married him.

Svyatoslav Ryorikh died in January, 1993 at the age of 89 years, in March, 1994 - go at the age of 86 years Rani died Devik.]