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How to make friends with garlic?

If I sometime decide to write the useful children`s fairy tale, I will surely make the main character the Garlic glove . Or perhaps also I kiss the Garlick Head . Eventually, than garlic is worse than the onions which presented to remarkable Chipollino`s world?!

There are two accepted truths: garlic is very useful and from garlic there is an unpleasant smell . And quite often the second statement is fixed in consciousness of the person far stronger than the first. Still, advantage for health - a thing indistinct (though write about it much), and reaction of people around on garlick spirit from a mouth happens very much even concrete...

Meanwhile, it is necessary to be on friendly terms with garlic. Better since the childhood. But it is possible to begin at any age and it is obligatory to accustom to it the children (and also grandsons, great-grandsons and great-great-grandsons - be not surprised, having made friends with garlic, you keep health for many years).

Well - remember, there is a fresh garlic at your place? If is not present, buy several heads at the first opportunity. It is not necessary much because the basic rule in communication with garlic is a moderation. If to eat much at once, it is possible to earn not only a powerful smell from a mouth, but also troubles with a stomach. And here one - two cloves on a family which are small cut in salad at supper - an optimal variant, at once for several reasons:

garlic is eaten by all approximately equally, so, nobody will suffer from a smell;

garlic is eaten fresh, without thermal treatment, keeping a maximum of useful properties;

after a dinner or is closer to a dream all family properly brushes teeth, in the morning toothbrushing repeats - and it is possible to go to the most responsible meetings quietly: the garlick smell will not disturb your interlocutor any more. Especially hypochondriac or used a high dose of garlic I recommend two evening toothbrushing: right after food and before going to bed.

By the way, if mentioned, I will tell why I in the majority of culinary cases prefer garlic to cut small, but not to rub or to crush . The more small you crumble garlic, the more it allocates juice and the more aggressively behaves that is not always good (we were going to be on friendly terms, but not blindly to worship and give on worry to garlick taste all other products). Generally, if to grate garlic, salad will pass into category of sharp snack and if to add the same quantity, having small cut, - will remain salad.

To add garlic to hot dishes (in soup, for example) too and tasty, and it is useful - somewhere one minute prior to readiness, and it is even better to add garlic - and at once to remove from fire, to leave for a couple of minutes to stand. At long heat treatment your friend garlic not only will lose the advantage, but also began to smell can change and so that the result will be pleasant to nobody...

There are situations in which garlic helps out the person as the true friend. For example, at the first symptoms of catarrhal cold adults at us practice such way of treatment in a family: legs - in a basin with hot water (it is how possible to suffer), and in hands - the inhaler collected from make-shifts with grated garlic (in this case small cutting - not the option, the more juice will be squeezed out, the effect is better). As an inhaler usually serves the wide mug with hot water in which the small cup with garlick gruel floats. Fumes of garlic can be inhaled both a nose, and a mouth, it is safer, than it is more pleasant to dig in the divorced garlick juice in a nose and feelings. 10 - 15 minutes of such inhalation before going to bed usually allow to forget by the morning about cold. And if 2 - 3 sessions " did not bethink in the first evening; chesnokoterapiya will help to overcome even the started cold.

If all - in the house someone got sick, do not forget to place on rooms of a saucer with the cut garlic and onions - it will help to stop distribution of a virus in air. The recommendation is known, but for some reason at the right time very few people remember it...

And at last, there is a remarkable way to make friends with the child`s garlic even if it is too small for spicy food: since morning to clear a small garlic glove, by means of a thin needle to string on a thread - and to hang up to the kid on a neck. It is possible to hide under clothes that did not distract. You remove in the evening, in the morning you clean and you hang up a new clove. The excellent charm from viruses turns out! I recommend to all who drive children in a garden or other collectives: with a chesnochok on a neck the child in 2 - 3 times more rare will be ill . And then you will precisely like love and respect for this remarkable vegetable.

Are on friendly terms with garlic - and good luck!]