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How to earn from trade, since zero?

Once, at the very beginning of reorganization when behind soul there was no seed capital, were not even money to support a family, I was engaged in the organization of trade under realization. Not God knows, what earnings, but it did not demand any investments. Only healthy legs and a voluble tongue were necessary. And, naturally, registration either enterprises, or business owner.

In what work consisted?

Pervo - napervo should have planned desirable type of goods.

To make the list of possible manufacturers of goods. To visit them, to find out from the management or in sales department what goods are made by their enterprise, to take a price - sheets, to find out whether it is possible to take from them these goods UNDER REALIZATION, to specify the minimum volume of party.

It is possible. I, and then and my people, took at the enterprises of Kiev and gave for realization polyethylene hoses, boxes for the hidden electrical wiring, scissors, cranes, gates and mixers.

It is possible to plan goods in the city to sell them in another, or on the contrary. To take or buy goods samples.

To make lists of possible buyers, with samples of goods to go round them and to discuss a possibility of realization of goods.

To sign the contract with manufacturer for taking from it a consignment of goods under realization. To stipulate period of validity of the contract upon termination of which it is necessary to transfer the gained money and to return the goods remains if they are.

To sign the contract for sale of goods with shop or trading company at the price of 20% of high price of the manufacturer. Period of validity of this contract for a month before the contract with the producer. To stipulate penalties for non-compliance with terms. Upon termination of its shop has to transfer the gained money and return the goods remains if they are.

To deliver goods in shop.

In three months to request from shop money and the remains of goods and to track that the shop completely paid for this party. If is not present, then to submit to economic court a claim on shop and to demand to expose financial sanctions according to terms of the contract.

Example. we Sign the contract with the Manufacturer for realization of 1000 pieces of scissors at the price of 5 UAH. We sign contracts with 10 shops for realization of 100 scissors in everyone at the price of 6 UAH. Also we carry scissors on shops. In three months we reap a crop.

800 scissors are Let`s say realized. Transportation costs are small in comparison with profit on sale of goods. Our income from this operation of 8001=800 UAH from which the offtaker after a deduction of taxes and overhead costs will gain pure not less than 50%, i.e. 400 UAH. If to spend week of pure time for such operation, then monthly earnings will be quite worthy.

Besides, on it it is possible to organize a pyramid of distributors, having promised everyone for the signed contract 10 - 40% (depending on the number of levels of a pyramid) and, respectively, having earned 10% of realization volume from each distributor, but it is already other history.

I do not know how now, but in due time this scheme of work allowed me to live comfortably few years and to save up seed capital for the organization of more profitable business.]