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Game Monopoly : to be continued?

Still a year ago my ten-year-old stepdaughter Alice did not know about such things as actions, bonds, options, exchange rates, the exchange, insurance, investment, diversification, a default, etc. Today she perfectly in it is guided. You think, we with it crammed year the high school textbook on economy and finance? You are mistaken! Just a year ago I bought it the game Monopoly . And creatively developed it.

There is a little history.

Game was patented by the American electrical engineer Charles B. Darrou in 1935. Originally " firm; Parker Brothers rejected its offer on industrial production of a board game, but when more than 500 copies made by the author manually scattered as pies, the consent was received. Monopoly very quickly won the whole world: today there are about 480 million players - almost every tenth inhabitant of the planet at least once played this fascinating game [1].

Classical rules Classical rules of the game are simple

: there is a square field divided into sites. Each site which is not angular belongs to a certain company. The exception is made by sites surprise getting on which the player extends the cards of the same name and follows instructions. The companies are grouped in groups on flowers, on three companies in group. The player, the group owning all companies, has the right to build branches and the enterprises on sites of the companies. There are transport companies - the stations located in the middle of each side of the square field, and also the company of electric and water supply.

Players go in turn, throwing 2 playing bones. The double grants the right for the extraordinary course. The player who came to a free site can get it. The player who came to the site occupied by other player pays to the owner a rent which size depends on number of branches and enterprises on a site. The cages which are on corners - special: from a cage Start players begin game. Passing this cage in the course of game, they receive salary the established size. A cage in the left bottom corner - " exchange;. The player can leave it only after loss of a double, or having passed three courses. On a cage Rest the player passes the course. And, at last, cage Broker sends the player to the exchange. Game comes to an end when one of players achieves an utter ruin of all rivals. Game acquaints

with such concepts as bank, an action, the credit on the security, monopoly.

This in itself is a lot of, but I solved: why not to include in game and other economic concepts?

And here that I thought up:

Insurance policy . It can be as universal, insuring against any payments, and special: insuring only against payments to bank, or only against payments to rivals. The policy costs a certain sum and is on sale on a certain cage. At a loss occurrence the policy is given to bank. If it was necessary to pay money to the rival, then at presentation of the policy all sum to it is paid by bank.

" card; +1 . it Costs very much and is on sale only on a cage start . The card allows to increase result of throwing of bones on 1. Application of several cards for once is possible. It allows to operate game much more, than just trusting in stupid will of a case.

Bonds of the state loan . They are on sale at the exchange, on one piece for each visit on the exchange. The bond brings in to the owner the income of 10% circular. I.e. when passing a cage start the owner of the bond receives 10% of its cost. The bond can be at any time repaid for par value.

Skyscrapers . Between everyone the " series; company cages the cage " is available (monopoly); surprise . The " card is put on it; skyscraper the monopoly having the same color, as surrounding it. The cost of a skyscraper depends on the cost of the firms entering the same monopoly. The skyscraper, as well as any other asset, can be sold to rivals at contractual price or is put in bank for a half of cost.

the Skyscraper gives to the owner three advantages:

1. Each skyscraper adds to to a salary player certain sum. The skyscraper cost, the more sum of the income is higher.

2. The possession of monopoly with a skyscraper allows to violate the rule of uniformity of distribution of constructions. It is possible to construct on one cage of monopoly the enterprise, and on the others - though a naked site.

3. The possession of monopoly with a skyscraper lifts a limit on number of the enterprises. This most important advantage of monopoly with a skyscraper.

Roulette . I bought the special game roulette with the roulette, the field of rates and counters. Such game is on sale in Toy Store in booths, etc. Game in itself not really interesting, and here in combination with monopoly it becomes just super!

Coming in the field rest the player not just passes the course. He instead of the course can play a roulette. The rival plays a role of the croupier for the player at this time.

Europe . We have a monopoly not classical, the game Manager . There all firms - Russian. We call this circle Russia. And I filled the empty field in game with an internal circle Europe which consists of the European firms. As the internal square is less, and it is less monopolies in Europe - only 4 instead of 8 Russian. Instead of monopolies in Europe at us - the country: France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. Opposite to the Russian stations there are European airports (Heathrow, the Orly etc.) . Through them communication between Europe and Russia is carried out.

In Europe works the currency - euro. All payments are made only in it. To exchange euro for rubles and it is back possible in the Russian stations, the European airports and the exchanges. The player wishing to exchange one currency for another asks exchange rate the rival. The rival throws one cube, and the result multiplies on 10. It will also be a current rate of euro to ruble on which the player can exchange any sum.

it is possible to Get from of the same social standing to another in three ways:

1. Being at the station of Russia (or the airport of Europe) to buy the visa (a special card) of other country (disposable or reusable which is much more expensive). The first step will be to the station (airport) of other country, and further - as usual clockwise.

2. Among the " cards; surprise there are several " cards; business trip . If the player pulls out this card, he gets on a cage start other country also receives the travelers - the sum which is necessary to it on pass through start in this country (taking into account bonds and skyscrapers). Further it goes, as usual.

3. Three doubles in a row at us now not the exchange, and business trip.

In Europe do not work assets of Russia and vice versa.

Introduction of these innovations allows to acquaint players with such concepts as visas, bonds, exchange rates, insurance, diversification and even options (among the " cards; surprise there are contracts for purchase of currency on a fixed rate). The player is trained in an assessment of risks at game in a roulette, creates the strategy etc. of

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