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How to make the house cozy? To buy a carpet!

U are at home you a carpet? Is not present? In vain. Be mobilized, collect money, and go to buy by all family. Why all family? Because a carpet - business serious, it is bought for many years, and it has to be pleasant to all your family.

Without carpet the interior of our apartment looks uncomfortable, uninhabited, emasculated. Our grandmothers perfectly knew it, they liked to hang out carpets over sofas, to spread colorful coverings floors. They knew what creates homeliness and heat.

Yes, warmly because carpets perfectly protect from cold of walls and a stylost of a floor.

Also do not pay attention to talk that carpets are a source of dust and a nursery of pincers. It is possible to fight against it. Eventually, experience of the millennia testifies in favor of carpets.

Carpets happen the most different drawings, flowers, the sizes, a pile length form.

The most expensive in the world, perhaps, it is the Iranian (Persian) carpets. The Iranian carpet is a high art. It is a picture, a jewelry, luxury goods. The real Iranian carpet is done manually. He not just creates homeliness, it is the same visual center of the apartment as a fireplace or a chandelier. Such carpets not to everyone on a pocket. But it is a subject of pride and an indicator of prestige.

The Turkish carpets are cheaper Iranian, but almost concede nothing to them. Forms at the Turkish carpets various (ovals, paths, octahedrons, rectangular etc.) . The Turkish carpets do only of natural and qualitative New Zealand wool. In New Zealand there is a lot of lambs. The yarn for high-quality carpets is painted by means of chromic and natural dyes.

Presently too the Chinese carpets are very popular. Pile at these carpets reaches 18 mm, the combination of pile, different in length, in one carpet creates expressive volume images. The sizes of carpets happen from absolutely small to carpets on all room. It is possible to choose several carpets of the different sizes in one style. The Chinese carpets do not only of sheep wool, but also of cotton and natural silk.

At handwork carpets the high durability and durability, a good carpet can serve to you till 300 years. But if not everyone is able to afford a handwork carpet, you should not despair. Carpets of machine manufacture are not less beautiful and qualitative. Unless, you risk to see the same carpet in the neighboring apartment. And from here already and to Twist of fate nearby.

To look after a carpet that it to you long served, it is necessary regularly. You clean a carpet the vacuum cleaner with soft brushes. If at your carpet long pile, then is recommended to use the vacuum vacuum cleaner. It is necessary to clean a carpet along pile, the slow movements, passing one place several times.

I do not advise to use the washing vacuum cleaner. But this council does not treat the cleaning cars working with foam. Foam allows to clean a carpet, without deforming it. Do not forget to vacuum a carpet from a wrong side.

If something fell to a carpet or spilled, then act quickly, otherwise there can be spots. Remove the substance which got on a carpet accurately, without smearing and without rubbing it in a carpet. If liquid got, blot it with a napkin.

Pollution should be deleted towards the center of a spot. Use special means for removal of spots on a carpet. The chewing gum which got on a carpet can be removed by means of special means or ice. Put ice on a chewing gum when the chewing gum freezes, break away it from a carpet.

Spots from protein, blood wash off cold water. Wax can be removed by means of the iron. Put a napkin on wax and iron the iron. But it can be done if the carpet sustains such procedure.

It is desirable to have houses stain remover and detergents for carpets. If you use folk remedies, try not to wet a carpet basis, from it the carpet can be deformed. It is not necessary to rub carpet pile too strongly, anything good it will not lead to.

If you spilled tea or coffee on a carpet, wipe a spot with the rag moistened in vinegar (2 tablespoons of vinegar on water liter). Spots from fats, oils are removed kerosene. It is possible to clean a spot mix of starch and gasoline. It is necessary to leave this mix on a spot before full drying, and then to shake the remains.

Well liquid ammonia removes spots. Dilute it with water 1:1, moisten a spot with the received solution and leave before full drying. Then wipe this place with the rag moistened in warm water.

Wipe spots from vodka, beer, liqueur with the rag moistened in soap water, and then in warm water with vinegar (1 teaspoon on water liter).

After removal of a spot clean a damp soft brush all carpet.

Make thrifty use of a carpet, and it long to you will serve, keeping homeliness!]