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Trauma moreover what - intimate man`s. What to do?

U me the son grows, and boys are boys. Drive a ball in the yard, are engaged in some sports section and fights at them not a rarity. All this forces to reflect about them man`s health and posterity - constantly exists threat to get any trauma, for example, of a trauma of testicles . And this trauma got even at teenage age can remind of itself many years later. It is impossible to disregard it. It can become the reason of hormonal changes and even infertility.

Undoubtedly to receive a blow below the belt most likely during sports activities.

To take, for example, soccer . All, probably, saw how football players cover a groin with the put palms. And not for nothing. Get the soccerball flying with a huge speed directly in apple - will not seem a little. In this case an effective remedy for mitigation of blow at occupations by game sports are the dense swimming trunks which are put on under shorts. Well and, of course, the developed reflex to be covered at the dangerous moment will help to avoid a trauma.

If to consider contact types of single combats - karate, kik - a boksing or Thai boxing, here dense swimming trunks not to manage. Special sports bandages - suspenzoriya and even rigid designs from plastic are necessary.

Cycling . By the way, sport, very dangerous to men. Attritions in a crotch, scrotum grazes And at long trips by bicycle there can be a pinching of a sciatic nerve. It can lead to temporary violation of an erection in due time. Fortunately, really temporary.

So to do if all - came around in a groin?

Ice . On this case keep ice in good sports clubs. But it is not necessary to put it on a naked body - only on pants or wrapped in a scarf. Was not enough to receive also frostbite.

Squat . Men at the fatal moment heard council: jump on patches - will feel better. Yes, from pain you zaplyasht. Maybe will feel better, but everything - safer is better - to poprisedat it. Though at a dangerous trauma only the doctor will define what needs to be undertaken.

Gel. If on the place of blow there was bruise (hematoma) or attritions and grazes, then the gels rendering angioprotektorny, antiedematous, anti-coagulative and anti-inflammatory action that is those which will help to kill hypostasis and pain will help and will prevent blood to turn under skin.

That pain and hypostasis passed quicker, there are still phytorecipes of lotions. For example:

- from infusion of flowers of arnica mountain: to take 1 tablespoon of dried flowers on a glass of hot water, to sustain on the boiling water bath of 5 minutes, to filter and cool;

- from infusion of flowers of a tansy ordinary: 1 tablespoons on a glass of boiled water to insist 1 hour, to filter;

- from broth of the herbs of a horsetail taken equally field, the St. John`s Wort which is made a hole flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical: 2 tablespoons of collecting on a floor - liter of hot water to boil 15 minutes, to cool and filter.

main - needs to be remembered that if within half an hour after blow pain does not pass or, having abated first, appeared next day, it is necessary to see a doctor . Even most as it seems to us, the insignificant trauma can turn back very serious problems.

Our dear sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, grandfathers! We very much love you. Let you at all will never have any injuries. Good luck to you!]