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How to be enraptured with a bath in Turkish?

on the date of my birth this year happened to visit to me Turkey. And as on arrival to the unfamiliar country guides (and there is nothing to compare or assume and there is nothing) have your trustful ears generally - you decide on some exotic pleasure in the very first days to acquire national spirit. In our case this pleasure became boors - the Turkish bath.

the Song of guides was learned and is professional - swan. About - about! Turkish bath! - at the same time for some reason at them were rolled up and there were some opaque eyes. About - about! It very much - very real! With ice shock - a jacuzzi! With penno - soap massage . All this was powdered with photoillustrations and reproductions of the Turkish artists in tourist booklets. Also I do not know what we with the husband bought more Went.

Action happened in Alania, on some street, in some first floor of some zdaniyets, with big sikomory at an entrance. The locker room with left-luggage offices very much reminded bus station by the number of the pounded people, a smell of wet rubber and the imperative aunty on an entrance.

In a usual sauna we (the person twenty) were seated as swallows on poles and told to breathe. Sat, breathed until our accompanying guide who got a false idea himself the fairy bathing godmother threw a handful of menthol tablets to Kamenka. Hair and hairs on a body rose a stake, and eyes began to flow on cheeks it became clear by

Further that the general - two on two - and I understood a jacuzzi why to it add the " prefix; shock . All crowd, all twenty people, tried to be pushed into this by a jacuzzi at the bottom of which I saw an unpleasant black hose from which ice water whipped. I preferred to walk along a tiled side, having referred to the fact that water very cold, and I am a girl very susceptible to overcoolings.

Then there was another, is foggy - an eucalyptus steam room where again the bathhouse attendant all with the same tablets clamped in a hairy fist came. In three seconds evkaliptovo - mental steam pulled out eyes again, and I for some reason thought of caducity of life. The bathhouse attendant knocked himself on a narrow breast and swore that he is not a misanthrope, trying even to put off to me confirming this crusts . Well, I left a sweating room in a floor - a zen. But it turned out that ahead - the most interesting.

On a big marble scene all of us were laid out as sturgeons before cutting. Then five predatory Turks got on on themselves on a prickly mitten and the full misanthropy began. The feeling is such as if you are the smoked aluminum pan, and mister bathhouse attendant has an answer - mission to polish you as a bell for Easter the Sinewy Turk who got me was by

very optimistic and sang songs.

Red and poshkaryabanny, transferred me to another hefty to a parnyaga which having quite inconsiderately grasped me by a thin anklebone, tried to press it to my eyebrows. I was probably successful this focus in a mother`s womb, but at that moment my organism already familiar with motherhood and burdened for years, published a crash and a cry. Having glanced from where - that from above in my eyes which are rolled up under a forehead, the Turk inquired: Bolno? I decided to keep silent contemptuously, having remembered all legendary examples of firmness, starting with Prometheus.

Broke me even minutes ten, from time to time filling up with foam which appeared from some magic bast similar to a piece of a fishmak. Finally the kind mylnik so krutanut my little body on a marble board that I suspected that, most likely, I will not see thirty years, and therefore on - fast all forgave all. But also it was

not a final chord.

According to the procedural list the aunty - the massage therapist who, having pressed me somewhere to the area of a clavicular hollow, switched off me from life for about seven minutes, and then followed, every time when I tried to whine and find the pain thresholds - used this checked metody. I regained consciousness already with absolutely rope bones and a face in green improving clay. Where this clay is taken and what nature of its origin, I to ask was afraid.

Having come to be on a leather sofa with half-ten same green little men, to share the feelings there were no forces. To me inserted a liqueur glass with apple tea which I thoughtfully pulled until from one cabin did not let out the big ridiculous uncle in green clay into a hand. He familiarly flopped with me on a sofa, and in it it was necessary to recognize the beloved husband. He formulated surplus of feelings indistinct: - N - yes - and !

In the evening when we could already speak articulately, revelation came that the same to boors, SPA and everyones Aram - bathtubs - cost in hotel much cheaper, than this excursion walk with everyones shocks .

But, having returned from the Turkish travel, I caught myself on thought that in the first traveling story with absolutely gidovsky uzhimochka and intonations I suddenly started singing: About - oh, girls! Turkish bath! With ice shock - a jacuzzi! With penno - soap massage It something!!!